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Though it was known throughout my family that I was a troublesome child, I had my ally, Creepy, who took care of us and made home happy for me.  I was appalled to find that my first grade … more
During my younger single days, a couple of my girlfriends and I were looking for something to do on a particular upcoming weekend. One of them suggested a horse race would be fun. None of us had ever … more
We had an unusual Uncle, to say the least, everyone in the family considered him a real recluse. He was a substantial man in stature. He was not known to attend church or any other social events. He … more

I would like to sincerely thank the citizens of Manning for re-electing me as mayor.  You have responded in an overwhelming way, with my tally representing 75% of the votes casted.  … more
Wow! The beach is covered with starfish. Don’t know the reason for this. There are hundreds, no thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of starfish washing up on the beach. If you think this is … more
We often hear people say, “She made me so mad until I wanted to fight her”. It is a common thing, to blame others, when we get angry to the point of some type of action. We will avoid … more
Just the other day I had to walk by a penny and not pick it up. That really hurt me. I had several things in my hands. After getting rid of everything, I didn’t get back to pick up the penny. … more

My parents were married 41 years until my mother passed away in 1977. A few years after Mom’s death, Dad came to visit my husband and me in Houston, Texas. My sister also came with him so we … more
I’ve started writing this so many times, but the truth is it’s so hard to find the right words. These days, I’m understanding more just how difficult, challenging, and awkward it … more
In these days of Covid-19 I have been observing, reading, and watching how we are responding to this virus.  In some ways I have seen creativity on social media, a fury of doctors and nurses … more
Man! I can hardly believe it happened. I just had my 46th wedding anniversary. Beth gets all the credit. She had to do all the hard work. Everybody is asking the same question. Where did the time … more

Most families have unpleasant things happen to them at some point in life. A family’s race, religion, or financial status makes no difference, and tragedies come along when least … more
I write a lot about the different ways the Lord has answered my prayers during my Christian walk. Sometimes I feel like I am one of His favorite children because He has been so good to me. That is … more
The name of St. Paul Elementary was haphazardly changed.  The people involved in the renaming of the school apparently did not take the historical aspect of the district into … more
I have cancer, which means living over an hour away from my nearest medical facility puts me at a huge disadvantage when it comes to the COVID-19 crisis. I am not alone in my struggle – the … more

These are wild times, and now the psychic predictions have come out. People have predicted all this for 10, 20, even 30 years ago. There are all sorts of quotes about sickness, death, and … more
For the life of me, I do not know why I have kept all the tax returns I have ever filed. I was cleaning out my file cabinet this morning and found them. While I was organizing the tax returns by … more
  More shocking news! A radio station is going to do a countdown of the 1000 best rock & roll records of all time. That sounds like a great thing, but I’m a little nervous about the … more
The heart is a fantastic thing! It appears in the embryo as a thump as early as five weeks, and it just starts seemingly on its own. By six weeks, the baby's heart – now beating 110 times a … more

Letter to the Editor, South Carolina legislators officially now have two paths forward with three options for how to address the $3.6 billion of debt owed by Santee Cooper and electric cooperative … more
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