After Changing My Life, Now I Have to Shock the World


I don’t know why I get hung up on having to watch videos. One of my friends got me hooked on looking at videos for changing my life. You probably have watched some too. “I did this for five days and it changed my life.” This could be anything from an exercise program to writing in a journal or eating some sort of wild concoction that will cure an incurable disease. After you get through with a bunch of these life-changing videos you have to watch the rebuttal. “I quit doing this life changing thing because it didn’t work.” “After 500 days, I quit doing this.”

All this life changing stuff is great but after you have watched so many videos it is time for something else. My friends suggested it was time to watch the shocking of the world stuff.

The shocking of the world was as easy as watching a video of a basketball game. I’m a basketball fan. There are lots of videos that show extreme basketball shots and passes, etc. This is neat but after a while you realize that some of this is not as world shocking as you would imagine.

I made a basketball shot that seemed impossible. One of my teammates was amazed that the shot went in the basket. I was amazed as well. Wish that incredible shot could have been filmed. It could be a world shocking video too. Actually, it wasn’t that big a deal. After seeing some of the world shocking videos you realize that these videos are about the same.

You can go from basketball to football, to baseball and other things. Car wrecks and disasters all can have the world shocking title.

After you’ve wasted many hours, I’m tempted to make a video of me stopping the world shocking videos and trying to watch something else that would make me learn something.

After you’ve changed your life and watched some world shocking things you can head off toward the absurd.

In the span of two days of being shocked, I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to learn some new skills. This little excursion into the absurd will be over soon.

After switching to some different kinds of videos, I’m trying to decide whether to make a hooded assassins cape with a secret compartment for throwing knives or a leather wizard’s hat. It didn’t take long for this life-changing project to be rejected. The assassin’s cape would take learning to sew, getting a sewing machine, and worse the cape is made out of wool. I’m allergic to wool and no matter how cool an assassin’s cape would look; I’d be sneezing all the time.

The Wizard’s hat would require learning how to hand sew leather.

After all that, I have a lot of hats that I don’t wear now. It didn’t take long to abandon that life-changing and world shocking project. In fact, I’m going to do a different life–changing thing. I’m going to quit watching so many videos.

I’m mad at myself now for watching the hat video. The hat making show was longer than it took to write this article. All the sewing supplies and leather and wool would take lots of money, lots of time and who knows what else?

For the next week at least, I am just going to read books and write.

Then I’ll try to change my life and shock the world.