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Sheriff's office releases statement about hostage situation

On March 09, 2023, around 12:41pm, the Clarendon County Sheriff’s Office received a call of a break-in in progress at 1411 Spigner Road in the Alcolu area. Clarendon County dispatchers stated that the female caller had stopped communicating with them, but they could hear her speaking with what they believed was a male subject in the background of the call. Deputies arrived on scene at Spigner Road at approximately 12:45 p.m. and by 12:48 p.m. at least 6 deputies were on the scene.
Other deputies responding to the scene discovered a 2015 Chevrolet Traverse in a ditch on the side of Green Hill Church Road approximately ¼ mile away from the residence. The Chevrolet Traverse when checked by deputies, was found to be stolen out of Richmond, Virginia, and was suspected to be involved in a homicide investigation which had occurred there the day before.
As deputies were planning with available units to enter the open front door of the residence, the front door slammed shut and all the window blinds began to close. Deputies began to call out to the suspect in the residence using patrol vehicle PA systems, while also using vehicle sirens to get a response from inside the residence. During this time dispatchers informed deputies that the female caller stated that the male subject had a handgun. Deputies established a perimeter around the residence to see all sides. Deputies heard several gunshots come from inside the residence. Deputies immediately formed a 5-man entry team from officers already on scene and breached the front door of the residence. The deputies entering the residence quickly cleared all parts of the residence except a bedroom at the far right end of the home. Deputies established verbal communication with the suspect and the female homeowner, now a hostage. The deputies discovered that the male suspect had barricaded himself along with the female in that bedroom. One deputy began communication with the suspect who identified himself verbally as Ronald Broadnax.
During this time, deputies out with the vehicle on Green Hill Church Road had spoken with Detectives in Richmond, Virginia who had given Ronald Broadnax as a person of
interest in a homicide there.
The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division S.W.A.T. team was requested to respond to the incident. The Clarendon County Fire Rescue Department was asked to respond for medical support. The perimeter around the residence was strengthened as more law enforcement units arrived.
Spigner Road was closed by deputies from Green Hill Church Road to Main Street. During communication with Broadnax, several more gunshots were heard by deputies from inside the bedroom. During the time of the gunshots, communication continued between deputies and the female hostage. As SLED personnel began to arrive, deputies close to and inside the residence were exchanged for SLED. S.W.A.T. team members. A LifeNet helicopter from Camden, SC was requested and arrived at the scene on Spigner Road and was positioned for medical evacuation if needed. During the continued communications with Broadnax, he requested a cellular telephone and stated that he would release the female hostage in exchange for that phone. At approximately 4:20 p.m., the female hostage climbed from an exterior bedroom window and was escorted by officers to a CCFR ambulance.
Officers inside informed Broadnax that they were leaving the inside of the residence. Shortly after exiting the interior of the residence, officers reported that the smoke detector in the home was going off and fire, which was intentionally set by Broadnax, could be seen from an exterior window of the residence. A Clarendon County Fire Engine was requested and utilized by deputies and SLED S.W.A.T. personnel to extinguish the fire in the bedroom. Tear Gas was then deployed into the residence to get Broadnax to surrender. S.W.A.T personnel then established communication with Broadnax at the front door of the residence, but Broadnax refused to come to the officers.
A SLED canine was deployed and extracted Broadnax where S.W.A.T. team members were able to take him into custody. Broadnax was immediately given medical attention by CCFR personnel on scene. Clarendon County investigators contacted Detectives in Richmond, Virginia, who are enroute to Clarendon County to continue their investigation.
The Clarendon County Sheriff’s Office would like to extend thanks to all additional personnel who participated in this operation from SLED, Clarendon County Fire Rescue,
Clarendon County EOC/Dispatch, LifeNet, and Sumter PD.


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