Manning City Council met to discuss legal matters

by | August 10, 2018 5:11 pm

The Manning City Council met this afternoon and, after an opening prayer, moved directly into executive session to discuss an issue “Pursuant to Section 30-4-70(a)(2) Contractual, Real Estate and Legal Matters” and to receive legal advice relating to a potential claim.

After 30 minutes of deliberation, the Council returned to chambers. Mayor Pro-Tem Sherry Welle made a motion in regards to what was discussed in executive session.

“I move that the Council waive the attorney-client privilege between the Council and Boykin & Davis for the limited purpose of permitting the attorneys, in a response to a request from an outside law enforcement agency regarding a current or former employee, to discuss information gathered during their investigation, but that Council preserve its privilege as to all written documents to include all notes, reports and other materials,” said Welle.

This motion would allow the attorneys at Boykin & Davis to discuss the investigation with the unnamed law enforcement agency, although it would be discussion only. No documentation of any kind would be shown to or turned over to the possession of the law enforcement agency. These things will remain held under attorney-client privilege between the Council and Boykin & Davis.

The motion was seconded. During discussion, Councilman Julius Dukes asked Mayor Julia Nelson if she had any idea how long the investigation had been going on.

“It’s my understanding, since 2015,” said Nelson.

The Council voted on the motion. It was passed, and the meeting adjourned.


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