Manning Junior High student suspended pending hearing on pellet gun incident

by | February 24, 2014 1:36 pm

Crime_scene1A 13-year-old boy accused by the Clarendon County Sheriff’s Office of bringing a pellet gun to Manning Junior High School on Monday morning will be suspended until he can go before the school board for a hearing, according to Clarendon School District 2 Superintendent John Tindal.

“Because we receive federal funds, we are mandated to expel a person with a firearm under the Federal Gun-free School Act,” Tindal said. “We are required to expel them for 365 days. The superintendent has some authority to work within that, and I don’t know how this particular item, as a pellet gun, would classify.”

Tindal said a hearing would be conducted within 10 days.

“That will be a hearing before the school board,” Tindal said. “Before that time, I will gather as much of the facts as I can and gather the witnesses. But the student will not be allowed back on campus until the hearing has been conducted, and a decision has been made by the board of trustees.”

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  1. Comment by Patricia Terry

    February 25, 2014 at 12:55

    Gun! It was a gun, people. It needs to remain to be called a gun. Be it Pellet, BB, Air, Hand/Pistol, Rifle, Nail … it doesn’t matter. Guns are banned on every school campus in America. Zero Tolerance needs to be backed up with absolute zero tolerance by school officials in their handling of any case; even this case of a junior high student carrying a pellet gun onto a school campus. Waver here, and you muddy the message for everyone. Our children deserve no less than officials enforcing the law. Our schools need to be maintained – without question – as safe places in which our children receive instruction and educators safely teach. While I feel badly for the child who erred and what that could mean for them and their family, the reality is they broke the law. Expulsion for 365 days sounds reasonable to me.

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