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Adult Ed student graduates after two decades


After decades of trials, Clarendon County Adult Education student Vickie House will walk across the stage to receive her high school diploma. Vickie attended school in Clarendon County as a child and received a certificate of attendance during her senior year.

“I was not satisfied when I got the certificate,” said Ms. House. “I was depressed because I knew I wanted to do more.”

Vickie enrolled in the adult education program in 2000 to get her high school diploma, but several bouts with illness over the course of her studies delayed her goals. However, Vickie was determined to graduate and relinquish the stigma about students in special education.

“I knew Vickie could do it,” stated Beverly Felder, retired Clarendon County Adult Education teacher.

“Vicki has been an awesome student who has worked hard and persevered. We miss her already,” said Lara Kolb, Director of Clarendon County Adult Education. “She has all of her papers from the time she started, which shows how organized she is, and that’s a skill that cannot be taught.”

Vicki’s father, Retired Staff Sergeant Theodore House, said he “pushed the issue and would not allow her to give up.”

Vicki is encouraged to continue with her education and will not stop with her high school diploma because she wants to work as a medical records specialist in the healthcare field. Her advice to other students is to keep trying and keep striving. She has also encouraged many of her friends and family to return and get their high school diplomas; some have already enrolled at Clarendon County Adult Education Center.

The Clarendon County Adult Education Center graduation will be held on December 13, 2022, at 6 pm at the F.E. DuBose Career Center, 3351 Sumter Hwy, Manning, SC 29102.