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Community comes together to help local woman after house fire


On Sunday, Jan. 15, Wanda Rogers was in the back part of her house when her newly adopted dachshund, Sadie, began acting very strangely. It was at that moment when Rogers began to smell something, so she walked through the den of her house toward the kitchen to find out what was going on.  Suddenly out the corner of her eye, she saw that her back porch was completely engulfed in flames. In seconds, the flames had spread to her Florida room and the living room.

In a panic, Rogers grabbed her new friend Sadie and dashed out the front door. Realizing she needed her heart medication, Rogers secured Sadie and went back in for her medication and car keys. At this point, the smoke and flames were chest high.

In her emotional state, Rogers tried dialing 911 but was shaking so badly that she could not dial the number. Fortunately, her grandson Brandon happened to be next door, home from college, and had heard the commotion and ran over to check on his grandmother. He saw the flames billowing from the house. At this time they were already over Rogers' sixty foot pine tree that stands near the back of her house. Rogers' grandson was able to dial 911 and move his grandmother's car which had already sustained damage from the fire having melted the back passenger side brakes and quarter panels. 

The home was a total loss. Since the tragic fire, Rogers has been staying with her daughter and granddaughter in Manning. Samantha Coffey, her daughter, is so thankful. "My mama has heart issues and I can only give God the glory for many things as we deal with this, but a few stick out more than others. I am thankful that mama wasn't asleep, that my niece Kelsey recently decided to give mama Lil Sadie, that Brandon was home from college and able to think and act fast, and for the Sumter City and County fire department and EMS workers that came. They were and are so very compassionate and understanding. They truly do not get enough praise."

Rogers has lost everything and is in need. If anyone would like to donate or mail letters or cards they can be sent to Wanda Rogers c/o Samantha Coffey  at P.O. Box 841 Manning, SC 29102 or reach out directly at 803-983-9337 or 803-847-1501. Rogers is also in need of clothes. Large in shirts and jackets, 10/12 in pants, and 7 or 7.5 in shoes.

Coffey continued, "We are just so grateful for all the prayers, the outpouring of support has been overwhelming and so much appreciated. It truly warms your soul when people come together when others are down and out."