Bags for style, fashion and money

Style, fashion and money—those are important things. What could say, “You’ve got it mister!” more than those things? It is hard to keep up with style and fashion. Money seems to be harder still. Luckily, there is a way to have all three with one accessory. It is a toiletry bag or a handbag to carry things like toiletries, computers, phones, wallets and plain old cash. Bags like this have always been an important part of women’s apparel, but now it is even more important for men. NBA basketball players are leading the charge. They are coming to games with a super designer bag. They are carrying their phones, computers and toiletries in expensive bags. They are wearing expensive suits and driving expensive cars. They can’t carry around their stuff in a croaker sack. This is nothing new. People carry around stuff in all sorts of carrying things. Seems like everyone has a backpack with all manner of items necessary for living in this modern world. One of my friends has a murse. That’s a man purse. He carries it all the time. He used to carry all his things in a vest and a phone carrier on his belt. I liked his belt. It reminded me of a Batman Utility Belt. When I first met him, he had a bag he carried under the seat of his car. Mostly he carried combs, brushes, mouthwash and three different types of cologne. He was, after all, looking for his second wife. He was a too-much-cologne wearer. I told him he must have thought he was in the seventh grade with all that cologne. One day he broke a bottle of English Leather or Russian Leather. His car smelled like the junior varsity locker room for several weeks. Something worked though. I didn’t see him for many years until recently. He still has the bag in the car. He doesn’t seem to have as much cologne as he once had. He does however have wife number four or wife three whom he married a second time. The biggest group of guys I ever saw carrying these bags was in Miami. I used to fly for some guys who sold airplanes. I delivered a lot of planes to the Miami area during the late 1970s. This was the height of the drug smuggling in Miami. People had all sorts of money down there. It was all in cash. Lots of guys would carry around bags that had all sorts of stuff in them. The bags were really used to transport around money. One guy told me I needed a bag like they had. The problem was I didn’t have anything to put in the bag. Fifteen-year-old kids were wearing Rolex watches and would have twenty thousand dollars in cash. I delivered planes for about a year and didn’t ever get enough money to get a bag. Now I’m trying to get rid of stuff so I don’t have to fill my pockets up. Now I see people who carry around a phone with a driver’s license and debit card. Not sure if I need a bag for all sorts of stuff I carry or just forget it. I might have to resort to some advice I got from a guy. He said you shouldn’t have more than would fit in your coffin.


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