Little old lady … pots or feeders?

by | May 31, 2018 11:56 am

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Many years ago, I noticed a yard in which a hay rake had been turned upside down and flower pots were hanging from the rakes. I continued to talk about what an interesting idea it was.
Now my husband had always thought that if one of anything was good, two was better. And so for my birthday that year two beautiful hay rake flowers holders were placed in my side yard. He had adapted them in such a way that the center column was an open pipe inside of which he had placed a water hose with a sprinkler head. In that way, I could water the plants all at one time.
This was wonderful except that meant I had to have sixteen pots of flowers in two rakes. And even petunias can get pretty expensive. So gradually, the flower pots gave way to bird feeders.
One year at a flea market I bought a pair of finches. The lady said they absolutely would nest and lay eggs. I had a very large parrot cage that they lived in, and sure enough, that is exactly what happened. I even bought special feed for her to use in feeding the baby birds. But they eventually multiplied so much that I finally turned them loose. Now some generations later, I can find finches at the feeders.
Birds seem to love our spaces. I once had a pilated wood pecker that flew into the dogwood tree right outside my bedroom window. Believe me, his raucous cry is louder than any alarm clock you can imagine. But he was fascinating to watch, as he clung upside down on the tree limbs and ate seeds on the tree.
I also have many kinds of sparrows. I looked them up in the bird book, but there are so many that I lose track of which ones I am looking at. They seem to come out of the cedar trees that line the driveway. The good thing about them is that they scratch around in the feed and some spills onto the ground, and is eaten by the cardinals and a pair of doves that feed on the ground.
One of the doves is acting very strangely. For some reason, the dove is flying to the top of one of the feeders. He seems to be watching, maybe to keep the big old bad mocking bird from zooming down and bothering the small birds at the feeder. I have never seen this behavior before.
But the biggest pleasure I have had this year is about four weeks ago, a painted bunting was at the feeder. I thought he was just passing through, but several days later, he was back at the feeder. I looked him up in the bird book just to get some information and saw that female was several beautiful shades of green. Bless my heart, two weeks ago, I saw Mrs. Bunting at the feeder. And she and he have stayed, so evidently they have nested somewhere in the neighborhood. I don’t know where they may have laid eggs but I am watching to see if any small birds show up.
Right now, I wish I had some stocks and bonds in the bird feed business, because I am helping to make someone very wealthy. Mercy me, but these sparrows and others can eat a pile of food. It is like feeding a couple of big teen age boys.
The other problem is trying to see out. This little old lady wishes she could find some volunteers. Most helpers say, ”I don’t do windows.” So this little old lady may see kinds of colors in the next flock of birds.
God loves you and so do I.

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