No need for permission and no need for controversy

by | April 2, 2018 6:24 am

My good friend just got his permission pass. He doesn’t have to ask for permission to do anything. He can just do whatever he pleases. Now he is worried about have to make decisions on all the crazy, lugubrious issues that seem to take up all our waking hours.
These things are everywhere. We don’t need to worry about them. They just seem to be put in front of us. We spend a lot of time wasting brainpower on things that might not matter to us at all. We just have these things put before us.
You might not have an opinion about some political hot button item but news and magazines and all your friends are probably talking about it.
Now might be a good time to skip some of those things. I’m adding skipping things that don’t interest me. My friend said he has taken a sabbatical from the television news. This includes all the political shows that can spend hours talking about something that would require the whole world changing the way it thinks.
Some ideas are just too hard to worry about. I’m personally skipping all things that have to do with abortion, AR-15s, budget concerns, anything to do with immigration, sanctuary cities, and changing laws.
Getting drawn into conversations about changing laws is too exhausting. Most of the time, the conversation goes from lobbying to running for office, getting a bill proposed and passed before anything will change. There is the problem of getting all this done with a group of registered voters that only turn out in small numbers.
I’m including commercials for people wanting money for helping save an animal that lives 10,000 miles away from Greeleyville. I’m not sure if that animal is going extinct or not. I used to go to the refrigerator during a commercial. Now commercials seem to last for five minutes. I’m skipping those and going back to the refrigerator.
This is almost as freeing as not asking for permission. Without wasting all this time on an issue that seems to have no solution, I seem to have a better outlook on life. When I go to the refrigerator during a commercial, sometimes I miss part of the television show I’m watching. That’s good too. I miss part of the hidden agenda that can be hidden in the TV show. Shows are good about putting in some sort of political view. They try to sneak in something. If I miss something I won’t have to think about it too hard.
That really helps when you get with your friends. Once they start talking about a politically charged issue, you can truthfully say you haven’t heard about it. That makes a friendly discussion much more fun.
You still have to do your research though. Elections are coming up and you have to vote. It’s important to know the issues and what your vote will mean. You have to know that but not take the word of some television network.
That also stops some unnecessary discussion. When your legislator gets a bill introduced, I’ll write him and tell him to vote for it.

Bobby Jonte is the president of the Bank of Greelyville.

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