Wish of a Lifetime

by | March 27, 2017 1:59 am

This is a story about a guy named Stan.
Stan was a child in England during World War II. He watched bombers and fighters fly over all the time during the war. Stan moved to the United States in 1957. He raised a family and retired.
Now, at the this stage of his life, he wanted to reconnect in some way with the aircraft that he had seen nearly 70 years ago. His daughter started checking on this and found out about Wish of a Lifetime. Then, the adventure began.
Wish of a Lifetime provides wishes for senior citizens. Stan’s daughter got in touch with them to find out how to get a ride in a World War II airplane for Stan.
Denise at Wish of a Lifetime called the T-6 Racing Association and inquired whether they could arrange a ride for Stan.
The T-6 Racing Association sent out a message looking for someone on the East Coast to give a ride to Stan in Wilmington, North Carolina.
A friend of mine in Louisiana saw the message and forwarded it to me. I made a call to California to talk with Lori of the Racing Association. She in turn got me in touch with Denise at Wish of a Lifetime and we began the organization of the ride for Stan.
After calls to both sides of the country, I got in touch with Stan. He was going to meet me at the Wilmington, North Carolina, airport and get his ride.
After a few delays, we agreed on a time.That Saturday morning turned out to be a windy day. I made the flight over to Wilmington aided by a fast tailwind. When I arrived at the airport, there were two Marine FA-18 Fighter Jets and four Marine Harrier Jets on the ramp. My airplane is painted in Marine Corps colors. I couldn’t help myself but walk in and talk to the Marine pilots.
“Which one of you is going first?”
The Marines looked at me puzzled.
“I’m here to do some air combat maneuvering with you guys.”
We all got a good laugh and I went on to meet with Stan.
Stan had brought his family with him and Wish of a Lifetime had sent a photographer to document the flight. Stan was buckled into the airplane and he got to ride in a World War II airplane.
We got a lot of pictures taken and his whole family was involved in what he called was a dream he had for many years. This surprise gift was more than he imagined, and he was flooded with memories of his childhood and what he had imagined since his childhood.
After all the picture taking, I flew back home. I did hear from Stan and Wish of a Lifetime. The organization provides a service that money can’t buy. Stan was amazed with a ride that he thought would be impossible to get and was priceless to him.
Watch for an opportunity to help people with their wishes.
You never know what a priceless and wonderful gift you may be able to provide.

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