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Turbeville's administrator report for Jan. 2024


Administrator’s Report
January 2024

Jan. 1 Read minutes from previous Turbeville Town Council meetings.

Jan. 4 Reviewed Council packet for January council meeting.

Jan. 5 Called Town Clerk about SCRIA water line project. Phone call with Water/sewer supervisor.

Jan. 8 Phone call with Mayor Hicks about severe weather potential for 1/9/2024.

Jan. 9 Met with Mayor Hicks and Ellis for 15 minutes. Called John Reynolds from Davis and Floyd asked for update on water/sewer projects for Turbeville. Worked on Turbeville US Census 2022-2023 budget submittal completed. Called Jackie Mack about SCRIA Barrineau
Public Utilities grant application. Received email from John Reynolds of Davis and Floyd with update on water/sewer projects forwarded to
Mayor and Town Clerk. Half day worked in Turbeville due to storm.

Jan. 11 Arrived at Turbeville Town Hall 3 pm. Called Steve Barrineau about council meeting attendance. Reviewed Issues paper written by former Turbeville Administrator Bill Taylor. Called SCPRT above PARD funds for Turbeville. Met with Mayor Hicks for 30 minutes. Called
Donny Phipps with CC&I about building inspections and code enforcement. Phipps is coming to the February 13 council meeting.
Attended Town Council meeting starting at 6 PM.

Jan. 17 Phone conversation with Mayor Hicks for 25 minutes about council work session date selected was February 27, 2024. Called Jeff Parkey of Santee Lynches COG about Comprehensive Plan. Called John Reynolds of Davis and Floyd about water/sewer projects. Called
Charlie Barrineau of MASC asking for an opinion on ARPA fund spending. Barrineau said ARPA funds can be used for beautification
and sidewalk repair. Called Mayor Pro-Tem Herbert Mims about beautification and sidewalks. Office visit from Grant Cannon, owner
of Sunshine Acres, inquired about moving trailers and building duplexes on Sunshine Acres site. Sent him to Clarendon County
Building Inspector’s office in Manning. Grant Cannon called and said Clarendon County does not handle zoning issues for Turbeville. The
town must decide if rezoning is possible. Checked zoning book. Duplexes are not allowed in MH (Manufactured Housing) or R-15
(Single Family Residential). Called Grant Cannon and informed him of the decision. In office visit from Mayor Pro-Tem Herbert Mims.

Jan. 18 Phone conversation with Mayor Hicks about work session 2/27/24.

Jan. 23 Sent email to Jeff Parkey of Santee Lynches Council of Governments asking for update on Town of Turbeville comprehensive plan and
zoning ordinance update. Called Mayor Hicks and asked that SLCOG be invited to council meeting for update on comprehensive plan and
zoning ordinance on Feb. 13 or Feb. 27. Spoke with Lisa Mann of SLCOG receiving update on Town of Turbeville comprehensive plan.
SLCOG wants to send out a survey to town residents. Spoke with Mayor Pro-Tem Herbert Mims for a few minutes. Meeting with Mayor Hicks in person. Set meeting with SCOR Rep.to talk about storm water planning. Meeting with Mayor Hicks and Ellis about water/sewer needs.