Summerton holds first business meeting since election


In a recent business meeting of the Town of Summerton, council members swiftly
moved through various topics, approving the agenda and reviewing minutes from a
previous meeting. Among the presentations at the April 9th meeting were discussions on
crucial projects and technological advancements impacting the town's infrastructure and
financial management.

The meeting began with the swearing in of Mayor Mac Bagnal, who served as mayor
from 2014 to 2022 and was reelected on April 2nd. As well as newly elected council
member Robert Sandifer Jr, and reelected members, Keith Bowman and Gavin Allan.
After the swearing-in ceremony, the council voted for Bowman to serve as Mayor Pro-

One significant presentation, made by Chris Wadell of PE American Engineering
Consultants, focused on a water supply project initiated in late 2021, aiming to rectify
violations and enhance system stability. The project, funded entirely by the state, sought
to construct elevated water storage tanks and water main stations to improve water
pressure and compliance. This state funding was notable, given its rarity for
infrastructure endeavors, and highlighted the town's commitment to addressing
essential community needs.

Another presentation was made by Marci Lewandowski of the technology company
Southern Software. Lewandowski showcased their business solutions, emphasizing
their dedication to customer satisfaction and ongoing support for their software
offerings. They discussed modules interfacing with general ledgers and utility billing
systems, addressing challenges faced with previous software providers and proposing
integrated financial management solutions.

Departmental reports were given next by the Public Works Department, Water &
Sewage Operations, the Police Department, and Town Government, as well as a
finance report. Throughout the meeting, efforts were made to ensure clarity and
understanding among attendees, despite the technical nature of some discussions.
Administrative matters were also addressed, along with acknowledgments of staff
contributions to town operations, underscoring the collaborative effort within the

Further discussions encompassed a range of topics, including financial management,
infrastructure development, and personnel issues. Presenters highlighted the
importance of efficient workflows and accurate financial reporting, emphasizing the
need for continual improvement in organizational processes.

Deliberations extended to contract approvals and resolutions related to grant funding,
with detailed discussions on negotiation processes and contract amendments. Council
approved a contractual agreement with Caldwell Tanks, Inc of Louisville, KY for the
Goat Island elevated storage tank improvement project in the amount of $2,864,830.
Council also authorized Town Administrator Kenneth Geathers to negotiate and enter
into the agreement with Caldwell Tanks as well as approving a contract change order
with the storage tank company.

The last of agenda’s new business was the first reading of a proposed text amendment
to the Town of Summerton Employee Handbook. Geathers asked council to modify the
time-off policy for town employees. Currently, full-time employees can accrue up to 15
vacation days per year, based on hours worked. Due to the tremendous amount of
leave the town was paying out the past year, Geathers has asked that the handbook be
amended so that each employee receives one vacation day per month, which will
accrue after a six-month probationary period.

The meeting also featured a heartfelt address from a newly reelected Bagnal,
expressing gratitude to the community and outlining intentions to serve diligently
through collaboration and community engagement.

As the meeting concluded, plans were made for future budget workshops, reaffirming
the commitment to improving systems and processes for the betterment of the Town of