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Sip and Create crafts memories for fathers


Keisha got the idea to start Sip and Create with KK when her daughter was going through a stage of depression. Keisha thought the creative outlet and the hands-on activities would improve her daughter’s mental health and perhaps help other people as well. Sip and Create with KK has been hosting sip and paint parties for adults and pour and paint classes for children since 2019.

Sip and Create with KK visited the Harvin Clarendon County Library back in 2019, and that helped them gain more customers. After seeing the unique business at the library, many people began to ask them to host sessions in their homes, and Manning Elementary School invited them to hold a pour and paint class for the students.

When the pandemic was in full swing, Keisha came up with an idea to keep the business open. Sip and Create with KK began selling art on the go packages. The business puts together all the items one would need to make a successful art piece and mails them to customers. So far, they have sold their packages in states like South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, and Texas. They hope to be able to ship their art packages all across the US.

Keisha and her daughter also love to give back to the Clarendon community. During the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, they donated some of their art on the go packages to the Turbeville Children’s Home. They also partnered with a foster home in Columbia that they are eager to work with in the future.

Their latest event took place in Myrtle Beach at the Hilton Resorts. The event is for an organization of fathers who are involved with head start schools. The fathers are teachers, staff, or administrators within a head start school. Sip and Create with KK host a large sip and paint party for the fathers.

Keisha said, “About 300 men attend the whole event, and 50 or more of them join our class. We like to let them paint their favorite football team logos. We try to keep the paint subjects interesting for the men. They enjoyed it. There was a lot of friendly competition between them to have the best painting.”

The fathers enjoyed painting with Keisha and her daughter so much that the organization has since booked Sip and Create with KK for their annual event indefinitely.

Keisha said, “We had a whole line of fathers waiting to come in and paint with us. It surprised us.”

Sip and Create with KK has even more exciting things in store for the future.

They are currently working hard to open up a brick and mortar location where they will be able to host paint parties and sell their art kits. The building, which is in Sumter, is currently undergoing renovations. Once the renovations are done, Keisha plans to share the building with her mother’s event decorating business. They are waiting until the renovations are complete to reveal the exact location.

Keisha and her daughter are excited to get their building open and welcome customers inside. Keisha said, “Once we get the renovations and everything done, we will host a ribbon cutting ceremony and have an open house so customers can come in, look around, and see what we can offer them.”

Though their physical location is not open yet, customers can still book a party at their own homes or venues, or order one of their art on the go kits. The best way to get in touch with Keisha and her daughter is by visiting their Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat accounts. They can be found by searching ‘Sip and Create with KK’ on any of those platforms.