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Representative 64 launches site to stay in touch with citizens


SC Representative of District 64 Fawn Pedalino has established a website in an effort to create a closer bond with residents. The site is intended to give the user more information about Pedalino. Users can also file a request and register to vote on the site. The website can be reached by going to https://www.fawnsc.com

On the website, Pedalino writes, “When I decided to run for the South Carolina House of Representatives , I knew that if I won, I wanted to provide my constituents with an unprecedented level of access to reach me and be able to provide a simple way to report issues and concerns that citizens may have.”

Pedalino ran most of her campaign on the idea of creating more transparency in local government. On Friday, Dec. 6, Representative Pedalino launched www.fawnsc.com. On this site, citizens have several different tabs that serve different purposes.

One of the tabs is ‘Find your Legislature’, when clicked on a citizen can put in their location and find who their local elected officials are and how to get in contact with them.

Another tab, ‘Constituent Services,’ allows citizens to request meetings, tours, and events with Pedalino. Under this same tab, citizens can browse state jobs, request state road repair, and report state or local government fraud or mismanagement. 

There is also a tab for citizens to register to vote.

 Pedalino said, “One of the most important responsibilities to me as District 64’s Representative is constituent service. I wanted a way for the community to easily contact me 24/7. What better way to create that than through a website that not only can someone message me on, but to also cut out a few of the steps on certain issues, like road repair. The link goes directly to SCDOT. A message can be sent afterwards to let me know of the submission, and we can follow up to make sure the information was received. Simplifying the reporting of issues is a quick way to help constituents feel less frustrated. Having felt that way myself before running for this position, I knew we couldn’t continue as we always have, and why should we when technology is always advancing the process of how we accomplish things.For anyone who does not use a computer, I can also be reached at 803-566-0120.”