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Paxville park reopens after renovation


The Paxville community has successfully come together to complete a much-needed renovation to their community park and playground. With the support of the Clarendon County Junior Chamber of Commerce, Duke Energy, Farmers Telephone Cooperative, and other outside sources, the park was reopened to the public on Mar. 2.

Paxville Mayor, Jamie Corbett, spoke about the changes and plans for the reconstruction of the park. He emphasized that it had been almost 20 years since the park had undergone any upgrades, and it was high time to renovate it. Corbett credits Kate Weschler, a former council member, for playing an instrumental role in ensuring that Paxville’s park has a positive impact on the community.

The park was closed for three months to add essential amenities such as playground equipment, new basketball goals, and bleachers.

The mayor expressed his satisfaction with the completion of the park, saying, “I’m very pleased. Since we finished, almost every time I ride by there, I see kids at the park or guys on the basketball court.”

Corbett is also looking forward to more changes in the next five years, such as adding a new walking track and adult equipment.