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Local veteran celebrates 100th birthday


Local resident of Manning, James McGee, has had a lot to celebrate lately. The veteran just turned 100 and spent his big birthday with his family. He was also recently honored by Veteran’s Last Patrol. Veteran’s Last Patrol is a very special organization that recognizes, honors, and supports veterans who are in hospice care. This organization lets the veterans know they have not been forgotten, and that we are still very thankful for their service.

McGee is a particularly special local Army veteran because he served four years during World War II, from Jun. 2, 1942 to Mar. 7, 1946. He also served during the Korean War.

McGee moved to Manning last July to be closer to his family. Before that, he lived in Florida for many years. If you happen to see James McGee, please wish him a very happy birthday and congratulate him on his recent award.