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Historical marker program points to SC's rich Revloutionary history


The South Carolina American Revolution Sestercentennial Commission (SC250) is highlighting the state’s pivotal role in the American Revolution by directing residents and tourists to the sites where independence began. 

Initiated in January 2020 by historian Bill Segars and the late SC250 Chairman Charles Baxley, SC250’s historical marker program began with a vision to locate and catalog roadside markers across South Carolina related to the American Revolution.

Using a list of 185 markers compiled by Baxley and the South Carolina Department of Archives and History (SCDAH) as a starting point, Segars launched a plan to document the markers. Over the course of several years, a team of volunteer field workers set out, sometimes on foot, to identify and document 560 markers and sites across the state. 

By February 2023, about 95 percent of the state’s American Revolution markers and signs had been located, photographed and logged. Additionally, SC250 collaborated with the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) to implement new directional signage alerting drivers to the presence of American Revolution-related markers along South Carolina’s roads, enhancing public awareness and engagement with these historical sites.

“This sign project began as a way to attract attention to South Carolina’s many existing roadside historical markers that tell the story of people, places and events that helped shape the independence we have today through the American Revolution,” Segars said. “Many of these markers tend to jump up on the average driver, and they miss out on the opportunity to read the historical text. SC250 intends to correct that by adding more directional signs near existing American Revolution-related historical markers. Both residents and visitors will reap the benefits of this early notification that an American Revolution historical marker is ahead.” 

Achievements to date include a comprehensive inventory of 257 SCDAH markers directly related to the American Revolution, and discovery and documentation of 303 other signs, sites and tombstones linked to the American Revolution, bringing the total inventory to 560 significant historical landmarks. The team’s efforts also entail ongoing initiatives to replace missing markers, repair damaged ones and engage with local entities for restoration efforts.  

As the program enters its next phase, efforts are underway to make this wealth of historical information accessible to the public through interactive mapping programs and a dedicated website, allowing both locals and visitors to explore South Carolina’s Revolutionary-era history. 

Additionally, SC250 offers competitive signage and marker grants to entities across the state to recognize South Carolina’s role in American Revolution history and to promote the cultural tourism opportunities created by 250th anniversary commemorations. 

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About SC250: The South Carolina American Revolution Sestercentennial Commission (SC250) was chartered by the state General Assembly to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the Revolutionary Era and highlight the state’s significant role in securing America’s independence. SC250’s mission is to celebrate and promote South Carolina’s role in the American Revolution by engaging and inspiring South Carolinians and visitors through heritage tourism, rural economic growth initiatives and educational programs. Learn more at