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Harvest Community School archers head to state championship


In the town of Summerton, where the mainstream sports such as football, basketball, and baseball thrive, the sport of archery has made its mark.

Meet the Harvest Community School archery team: a group of young athletes led by a coaching duo Kristie Anderson and Tina Proffit, each a coach and a parent deeply invested in the sport. 

Their journey into coaching began with a desire to provide sporting opportunities for their children when traditional avenues were limited.

“We started it because there were no sports at the school and my son was in need of a sport,” Anderson shared, reflecting on the inception of their coaching endeavor. With Proffit’s son already involved and Anderson’s daughter joining soon after, the pair found themselves naturally assuming coaching roles, evolving alongside the program as it grew with their children. 

Thinking back on their humble beginnings, Anderson recalled, “I think my son was in sixth grade so about 9 years,” highlighting the longevity of their involvement in the sport.

Their coaching approach is anchored in national standards, with both Anderson and Proffit certified as National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) instructors. “It is a national standard. So, I got certified, Tina got certified. We have to be certified NASP instructors. They teach you the basics, and then we go from there,” Anderson explained. 

Despite being a small team in a small town, the HCS archery team has made significant strides, boasting a roster of 20 dedicated archers. Their hard work has translated into tangible success, with several team members earning the opportunity to compete at the state level. “Last year we had two and the year before we had one,” Anderson said, noting their past achievements. 


The road to state competition culminates at the fairgrounds, where archers from across the state converge to showcase their skills. The competition is open to all participating schools, regardless of size or affiliation, showing the hospitality of the sport.

This year, the team had seven archers qualify for the state showdown in Columbia on Mar. 26 through Mar 28. Those archers are Blake Proffit, Lailee Strickland, Micayla Strickland, Christopher Buck, Leanne Ellis, Thomas Hamilton and Seraphina McCoon. 

Navigating the division system, the HCS archery team competes across elementary, middle, and high school divisions, taking aim at both bullseye and 3D targets.

“We shoot 4th grade through 12th grade,” Anderson said, highlighting the diverse age range within the team.

Support for the team extends beyond the school walls, with local businesses like Summerton Hardware lending a helping hand. “We want to acknowledge that the hardware store allows us to use the property that we practice at with no charge.” Proffit offered, underscoring the community’s commitment to nurturing young talent 

As the HCS archery team continues to grow and thrive under the guidance of Anderson and Proffit, their story serves as a testament to the power of passion, family, and community in shaping sporting success in even the smallest of towns such as Summerton.