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County Council declares Fair Housing Month


On the 8th of April, Clarendon County Council declared April 2024 Fair Housing Month. The resolution was signed by Chairman Dwight Stewart and attested by Dorothy Levy, Clerk to Council. It reads:

WHEREAS, Clarendon County desires to encourage equal opportunity housing for all its citizens; and

WHEREAS, to insure fair housing opportunities for all it’s citizens, Clarendon County has passed a Fair Housing Ordinance; and

WHEREAS, Clarendon County further wishes to bring to the attention of its citizens its concern that all citizens are informed and award of their rights under the State of South Carolina Fair Housing Law of 1989; and

WHEREAS, the Fair Housing Act ensures that every person regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, sex disability, or familial status can obtain housing. The Act also promotes the establishment of safe and secure communities where everyone, regardless of nationality, can live free from discrimination; and

WHEREAS, Clarendon County wishes to encourage realtors, churches and other civic organizations to be aware and sensitive to needs of all citizens in Clarendon County in regard to their rights and housing opportunities.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Clarendon County Council here by proclaims April 2024 as Fair Housing Month in Clarendon County.