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County coroner runs unopposed in 2024 general election


Clarendon County Coroner Jaqueline Blackwell has essentially secured her position for another term as she runs unopposed in the upcoming general election.

Blackwell, who assumed office in 2020, reflects on her journey and shares insights on her goals, challenges, and accomplishments as coroner.

“I feel humbled and grateful for the opportunity to continue serving the citizens of Clarendon County,” Blackwell said. “Running unopposed demonstrates the satisfaction of our community with the work we’ve done, and it inspires me to keep striving for excellence in our service.”

When Blackwell won the election in 2020, her primary goal was simple yet profound: to serve the people of Clarendon County with compassion and understanding. Reflecting on this promise, she affirms, “We have met this goal, and we will continue to do so.”

One of the greatest challenges Blackwell has faced during her tenure is managing the budget. However, she remains steadfast in her commitment to efficiently utilize resources while delivering essential services to the community.

Among her notable achievements, Blackwell highlights fostering unity among essential agencies in handling serious cases. “It takes everyone working together to serve the people when they are hurting,” she emphasizes, underlining the importance of collaboration among law enforcement, emergency services, healthcare facilities, and other stakeholders.

Blackwell’s previous experience as a victim’s advocate has proven invaluable in her role as coroner. Drawing parallels between the two positions, she notes, “As a Coroner, we are the voice for the decedents, those who cannot speak for themselves.”

Addressing recurring questions and concerns from family members of the deceased, Blackwell provides honest and compassionate responses, particularly regarding the circumstances of their loved one’s passing and the issuance of death certificates.

Regarding local issues such as drug use and violent crime, Blackwell acknowledges their presence in Clarendon County. She commends the efforts of law enforcement, behavioral health services, and drug courts in addressing these challenges while emphasizing the need for continual adaptation and improvement.

In terms of her initiatives since taking office, Blackwell prioritizes service to the community and dignity in handling cases. She has implemented policies such as no charges for cremation permits and dignified transportation of decedents, irrespective of background. Additionally, she emphasizes the importance of staff training, community engagement, and maintaining a professional demeanor.

Blackwell concludes with her office’s guiding theme, “Bringing Light into A Dark World.” Through their efforts, they aim to provide comfort and support to families during their time of grief, alleviating burdens and bringing solace to those in need.