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Clarendon Hall Saints secure third consecutive SCISA 2A softball title


The Clarendon Hall Saints have solidified their place in the SCISA record books, winning the 2A softball championship for the third consecutive year with a hard-fought victory over Colleton Prep.

Under the guidance of Head Coach Jeffrey Bays, who has led the team to four straight state championship appearances, the Saints have built a legacy of excellence. “These girls have put in a lot of work, not just at practice, but outside of practice, outside of school, and even in the offseason,” said Bays. This dedication was evident in their season record of 19-4, a testament to their hard work and perseverance.

The Saints’ journey to the title was marked by strong performances and key contributions from both veteran and younger players. Colleton Prep is a team they had previously defeated 14-0 and 8-0 during the regular season.

However, the championship games proved more challenging. The Saints won the first game 6-1 at home, then clinched the title with a 3-2 victory on the road, overcoming a rain delay that pushed the final game to Wednesday.

Assistant Coach Shannon Corbett, a former Saints player who has been coaching since 2017, praised the team’s resilience and unity. “Our seniors have been playing together since rec ball and travel ball. They’ve been very close-knit, and it was emotional seeing them play together for the last time,” she said.

The championship game was intense, with standout performances from several players. Senior pitcher Colleen McIntosh and junior pitcher Calli Yount were instrumental in the Saints’ success. Yount pitched a complete game in the first match, while McIntosh started the second game and Yount closed it out. “They complement each other well, with Calli being a righty and Colleen a lefty, bringing different speeds and movements to the game,” noted Corbett.

Offensively, junior Mandy Wells provided the spark with a crucial two-run home run in the third inning and later scored the winning run off a double from McIntosh in the fifth inning. “Mandy has a knack for coming through in pressure situations,” said Bays. “She really turned the game in our favor.”

Looking ahead, the Saints face the challenge of maintaining their winning streak without their graduating seniors.

“We’ll definitely be affected, but we have a strong core group and talented JV players moving up,” Bays said. “With hard work, I believe we’ll continue to be successful.”

Assistant Coach Jackie McIntosh, who is also Colleen’s father, will continue to be a key part of the coaching staff. Known for his expertise in pitching, he will focus on developing the new crop of pitchers while still assisting with the team’s overall strategy.

The Saints’ victory is a testament to their skill, hard work, and the cohesive support of their coaching staff and community. As they celebrate this milestone, the team is already looking forward to the possibility of a fourth consecutive title, ready to uphold the winning tradition they have built.

The championship team’s roster included the following players: #2 Sidney Berry, # 6 Brynli Brewer, #13 Lacey Corbett, #19 Ava Cribb, #24 Skylar Dymond, #17 Ashlynn Etheredge, #10 Maggie Harrington, #15 Kelsie Martin, #4 Macie McIntosh, #3 Colleen McIntosh, #7 Ashley Timmons, #5 Mandy Wells, and #18 Calli Yount.