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Clarendon County unites for third annual National Day of Prayer breakfast


On May 2, community leaders, religious figures, and residents gathered for the Third Annual Clarendon County National Day of Prayer Breakfast. Hosted at the Manning United Methodist Church and themed “Liberty and Justice for All,” the event brought the county together to seek solace and divine guidance.

The morning commenced with a moving prelude by the Chamber Group of the Manning High School Band, led by Jordan D. Jefferson, setting a reverent tone for the proceedings. Mayor Julia A. Nelson of Manning, SC, and Chairman Dwight Stewart of the Clarendon County Council co-chaired the event, emphasizing the importance of spiritual connection and fellowship among attendees.

Attendees were treated to soul-stirring musical performances, including a solo rendition of “Let There be Peace on Earth” by Dr. Brenda C. Clark, accompanied by Heather Hawkins. Soloist Lee Stogner’s rendition of “For the Beauty of the Earth,” also accompanied by Hawkins, touched the hearts of all present.

Esteemed clergy members, invoking divine guidance and blessings upon the community, led interfaith prayers for the nation and Clarendon County. Reverend Dr. C. Jarred Hammet, Jr., Reverend Jennifer Price, Reverend Leo Roy, and Reverend Tyrone Cummings each delivered poignant prayers, urging unity and healing.

The highlight of the event was the keynote address delivered by guest speaker Brian Mance, who shared insightful reflections on the significance of prayer in fostering unity and healing. Mance began his address by acknowledging the divine source of strength and expressing gratitude to the organizers and attendees.

Mance emphasized the importance of gathering in such environments for spiritual nourishment and reflection, urging attendees to set aside the hustle and bustle of life and seek grace. He further urged attendees to work together for greater success, emphasizing the need for collaboration in communities.

Special acknowledgment was given to Pastor Dave McMannis and Manning United Methodist Church for their invaluable support in organizing the breakfast, as well as to all sponsors and contributors, including Anderson Pharmacy, Bea Rivers, William and Wanda Johnson, and other generous individuals and businesses.

Additionally, all receipts for the breakfast in excess of expenses were donated to United Ministries of Clarendon County, furthering the mission of supporting those in need within the community.

The Third Annual Clarendon County National Day of Prayer breakfast exemplified the community’s commitment to faith, fellowship, and service. As attendees departed, they carried with them a renewed sense of hope and unity, embodying the spirit of the National Day of Prayer.