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Clarendon County School District announces September teacher and staff features


In Clarendon County School District, we recognize that it takes a village to educate and empower our children
and build a learning culture in our schools. Our teachers and staff play an important role in ensuring that our students have a safe
environment to excel and that change happens in the lives of our young adults, families, and the community. We recognize outstanding
teachers and staff members who positively impact Clarendon County School District each month. We created a Teacher Feature of
the Month Award and Staf Feature of the Month Award coordinated by the district’s Teacher Forum, composed of each school’s
Teacher of the Year. The purpose of the Teacher Forum is to foster professional growth and teacher leadership. Their colleagues
nominate those receiving awards for excellence in their classroom and positive contributions to Clarendon County School District.
Ace Hardware, Lucy’s, FTC, Fayz Restaurant, The Orchard, Johnson’s Fish, E & E, Substation II, ReJuva, Burger Chick, Daniel’s
Pizza, BellaDonna, Polished Peddler, Axe Throwers, The Manning Times, and Huckleberry Finn sponsored the Teacher/Staff Feature
program for September.
Each of our winners will receive gifts from our local partners.
The September honorees are:

Manning Early Childhood Center

Candace Frierson - Teacher
Beverly Cummings - Staff

Manning High School

Stacy Bell - Teacher
Dr. Lokesia Howard - Staff

Scott’s Branch High School

LaTasha Henry - Teacher
Dr. Michelle Demery - Staff

Scott’s Branch Middle School

Jennifer Jackson - Teacher

Walker Gamble Elementary School - Elementary

Amanda Williamson - Teacher
Beth Watts - Staff

Walker Gamble Elementary School - Primary

Lyn Sullivan - Teacher
Samantha Pierce - Staff

East Clarendon Middle High School

Mary Kathryn Jordan - Teacher
James Conyers - Staff

FE DuBose Career Center

Amanda Taylor - Teacher
Maria Cruz - Staff

Manning Primary School

Renae Thompson - Teacher
Frances Ramirez - Staff

Manning Elementary School

Shemika Hilton - Teacher
Sandra Adams - Staff

Manning Junior High School

Ana Velasco - Teacher
Helen Robinson - Staff

Dr. Rose H. Wilder Elementary School

Willette Sheard - Teacher
Elsa Cruz - Staff