School News

CCSD Career Center Program Receives Generous Lumber Donation


Clarendon County School District, a beacon of educational excellence, is pleased to announce a substantial lumber donation to support the FE DuBose Career Center Building and Construction Program. This generous contribution underscores the unwavering dedication to fostering the growth and development of CCSD students and educators.

FEDCC staff recognizes the pivotal role schools and career centers play in shaping students’ career choices. This lumber donation is an investment in the students of CCSD to enhance their learning.

“We are immensely grateful to Georgia Pacific of Manning for their outstanding support,” states Dr. Keisa Carr, Interim Director of FEDCC. “This lumber will enable us to carry out learning activities in our Building and Construction courses in a way that mirrors the workforce.”

This donation is a testament that Georgia Pacific is dedicated to community engagement and helping to foster a nurturing educational environment for the students of Clarendon County.

FEDCC students continue to thrive due to staff-led program advisory boards that provide industry advice to ensure students earn the necessary industry certifications and have the employability skills that prepare them for the workforce.