America's 10 Most Amazing Shelter Dog Makeovers Unleashed


(BPT) - May marks National Pet Month, and it's a time to celebrate the love and companionship our furry friends bring into our lives; however, let's not forget about the dogs still awaiting their forever homes. With over three million dogs entering shelters every year, adoption remains a critical solution for giving these pets the families they deserve. Sadly, due to a lack of resources, a significant number of rescue dogs are deprived of vital grooming which significantly improves their health, happiness and chance of adoption. That’s why pet industry leader Wahl and Greater Good Charities, a global nonprofit, have partnered again for the 13th annual Dirty Dogs Contest. Wahl donated grooming supplies to rescues and shelters nationwide, and they in turn shared amazing Before and After grooming photos — including the Top 10 Shelter Dog Makeovers of 2024. Vote for your favorite pup and help the organization affiliated with the dog win $10,000.

1. Pete is a resilient pup who endured neglect after his owner's tragic passing. Rescued from a backyard, Pete was covered in filth and matting when he was brought to a shelter in Justin, TX, but with grooming and care, his true spirit emerged. Now, Pete is seeking a loving forever home where he can thrive and be cherished.

2. Winky found his way to a shelter in Palo Alto, CA, from a challenging home situation. Despite his history, he showed immense affection during his extensive grooming. It was during his grooming that staff realized he was missing one eye, and in turn affectionately named him "Winky." Winky's transformation was remarkable, and he soon found a loving forever home where he is thriving and living his best life.

3. Maddie, a stray with an unknown past, arrived in poor condition to a shelter in Franklin, TN, likely having endured neglect for some time. Fortunately, a compassionate local groomer stepped in to provide much-needed grooming, improving Maddie's appearance and well-being.

4. Bella, a 12-year-old miniature poodle, arrived at a shelter in Phoenix, AZ, as a surrender due to her owner's illness. As soon as she arrived, she was promptly pampered with a luxurious grooming and bath. A happy pup was revealed under all that matted and dirty fur, and it didn't take long for her to find a forever home.

5. Bailey, an 8-year-old pooch from Philadelphia, PA, experienced a remarkable transformation after his previous owner's illness left him in desperate need of grooming. Despite severe matting, Bailey's playful energy shone through, and a spa day helped reveal his true personality. Now with a loving family, Bailey enjoys a happy life filled with affection and companionship.

6. Pancake is a one-year-old pup from Clearwater, FL, whose journey from neglect to love is truly heartwarming. Under a coat of severe matting, he was silently pleading for help. Pancake’s condition was so bad, in fact, his grooming had to be done under anesthesia. What emerged was a dog with a newfound joy for life, and within days, he captured the hearts of all who met him — including his new forever family.

7. Moe's journey began with a heartbreaking discovery at his home where he was subjected to years of severe neglect and hoarding. Covered in filth and matted fur, he arrived at a shelter in San Francisco, CA, with wary eyes but a hopeful heart. After being washed and groomed, he slowly learned to trust, blossoming into a cuddly companion eager for affection. Now, Moe is ready for a brighter future, eager to embrace each new day with joy and security.

8. Dolly, a standard poodle, arrived at a rescue in Thompson Falls, MT, in dire need of grooming. Her filth and odor made it nearly unbearable for her rescuers to handle her. However, after a visit to the groomer and a much-needed bath, Dolly emerged as a stunning, red-furred beauty, quickly capturing the heart of a loving family.

9. Giuseppe's arrival to a shelter in Espanola, NM, is a heartbreaking testament to neglect. Five pounds of matted fur covered up a host of health issues and rendered him unable to walk. Once groomed, Giuseppe could finally get the dedicated medical care and foster support he needed. Now this senior pup is living out his golden years in the comfort of a loving home.

10. Fred was rescued from a serious hoarding situation and brought to a shelter in Breinigsville, PA. Covered in matted fur and plagued by discomfort, he found relief after receiving a much-needed grooming and bath. The added attention of proper medical care transformed him into a brand-new dog. Fred was soon fostered by a compassionate couple mourning the loss of their previous dogs, and it was in this foster home that he found his forever family.

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