Was at a wedding a few weeks ago. Weddings are interesting things. They are fun and exciting and can be viewed from lots of different perspectives. There is all the excitement of the newly weds beginning their journey through life and older people ready to give advice to young people reminding them they don’t know anything yet.

The wedding I attended had all this. It was a quick reminder of the fool’s journey with the tarot cards.

The fool’s card in a tarot deck is about the beginning of the journey through life. A young man begins his journey. He is full of naivety and ready to start a new adventure. The fool’s journey is the perfect card for the newlyweds start. The fool only carries a small bindle but it holds everything he needs to begin the journey that will take him to many trials and tribulations. This start at the adventure of life is wonderful and the fool is untroubled by the lack of knowledge about what life might bring before him.

As newlyweds begin their journey the older guests reminiscence about their own journeys and what they learned on their own journeys over the years. Even with all this knowledge that has been gained over the years, they would love to start again with a new journey. Most of the time they think they would like start over with the saying, “If I only knew then what I know now.”

If we knew that maybe we wouldn’t start on a new journey. That’s the fun of looking at cards and thinking about how life really is.

The newlyweds begin and the people remain to have fun and ponder where they are on their own fool’s journey.

What a time when we get to think about starting new journeys and where we have been in love and romance, career and money, personal and spiritual growth. That’s part of the thrill of watching the fool’s journey begin and to watch our own journey and how it turned out.

The best part of the beginning of a journey is the unknown part. No matter what life has in store for us, we can be assured it will be an adventure. The beginning is a clean start without any idea of what we are up against and it doesn’t matter at all. The adventure is what will matter in the end.

We are also a little jealous to not be starting our fool’s journey again too. The fool’s journey is so exciting because we really do not know what is going to happen and there is no way to imagine how things will turn out. If we knew we might not try any of this stuff that we go through. If we knew our life would be like this and would take this long and be fraught with all the tribulations we wouldn’t even start.

The car with the newlyweds drives off and their journey begins. That makes life worth living. Starting a journey and trying to answer the question, What am I doing where am I going?