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Town of Summerton continues budget workshops for fiscal year 2024-2025


The Town of Summerton is in the midst of a series of budget workshops aimed at finalizing its fiscal year 2024-2025 budget, with the Town Administrator, Kenneth Geathers, providing detailed insights and updates.

Geathers elaborated on the progress and structure of the budget workshops. “The town administrator’s report is something I do for the council,” he said, offering to share a transmittal letter for further details. He described the recent meetings, noting the comparative review between the 2023-2024 budget and the proposed 2024-2025 budget. “This last Thursday’s meeting was the introduction to the 2024-2025 budget in its entirety,” he explained. The discussions covered various line items and included projections on millage revenues, which Geathers expressed confidence in.

The proposed budget for FY2024-2025 totals $2,256,788, maintaining a taxing millage rate of 133 and incorporating a CPI of 4.0%. The general fund is set at $1,246,059, covering administration, police, street maintenance, and the town’s court department. Notably, it allocates $65,000 for a downtown development plan and new playground equipment for Wausau Park, alongside funding for vehicle maintenance, storm water management, and enhanced planning and zoning functions.

The water and sewer fund is proposed at $1,010,729, with recommended utility rate increases of 3% for in-town customers and 7% for out-of-town customers. These adjustments aim to offset rising operational costs and replenish the fund balance. Additionally, Summerton has secured a $9,088,875 South Carolina Infrastructure Investment Grant (SCIIP) for critical upgrades to the Goat Island Sewer System and other infrastructure projects, fully subsidized by grant funds.

The next steps included an official first reading of the budget at the council meeting on June 11th and will now be followed by a public hearing. This hearing is scheduled for June 26th, leading to the final budget approval.

Geathers highlighted the budget’s operational focus, predicting that current economic trends and an improving regional economy would boost sales tax and business activity. “It is my intent to capitalize on that growth through this budget document,” he concluded.

The ongoing workshops and transparent communication from Geathers reflect Summerton’s commitment to strategic financial planning and community development.