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Summerton celebrates a milestone for Kathleen Gibson


Born and raised in the St. Paul community of Summerton, Kathleen Gibson has dedicated her life to giving back to the community who made her who she is today. Migrating to New York for four of five years, Gibson was ultimately drawn back to Clarendon.

After working for forty years for Clarendon County School District One, Gibson retired in 2020. Although retired, Gibson was just getting started. Pulling from her own retirement, she paid for the refurbishment of the building at 45 South Church Street in Summerton. Thus, K & H Resource became a reality.

The center is an unlimited resource for the members of Clarendon County to find the tools that are available to them to obtain employment, further their education, and succeed in life. Gibson is the executive director of the center.

On Apr. 29, the community came together to celebrate the 70th birthday of Kathleen Gibson.

Manning Mayor Julia Nelson said, “Kathleen Gibson is a jewel in the Town of Summerton and Clarendon County. It’s great that she could be celebrated for her advocacy and volunteerism along with this milestone 70th birthday.”

Senator for Clarendon County District 36 Kevin Johnson echoed the same feelings. He said, “Kathleen, much like her father the late Honorable Henry Lawson, has always been a person who prefers to give much more than she receives. She has worked tirelessly throughout our community and this community is blessed to have Kathleen among us and it would be an even better community if there were more people like her. I am fortunate to have Kathleen as a good friend and loyal supporter.”

Gibson was overwhelmed with gratitude at the outpouring of love at her celebration. She said, “I do want to thank my approximately 175 to 200 guests for joining me in this celebration.”

Gibson wanted to thank everyone who participated and attended her celebrations with a special thank you to her children, grandchildren, sisters, family, and friends, along with Historic Liberty Hill Grandparents Ministry, Kitchen Committee members, K & H Resource Center Volunteers, Summerton/Clarendon Volunteers of the American Red Cross, EVE’s Precious Creations, Cakes by Shel’s Goodies, Treat Dreams by Anita, HoneyBuzz Designs, Jar Genie, Twizzy Tropical treats, McCall’s Cupcakes, Bryant Dingle, and DJ Soldier Boy.