Plodding to the end of a secret

Bobby Jonte It’s hard to believe that a secret project is over. Finished. Complete. Done. Actually, the project came about by chance. Back in October, I started a walking project. It wasn’t anything special. The purpose was just to walk more. This walking adventure started out with a thirty-minute walk. That was all it was going to be. Just try to walk in the mornings. The best part of this project was that I had the key to the building. I had to go every morning because I had to unlock the building for everyone else to get in. It worked out for the other walkers because they had to show up because I had gotten up early to let them in. You hear that having a walking partner is the only way to keep going. That was how the project started. We were just going to walk a little each morning. That doesn’t sound like much of a secret project does it? We decided that we would increase the walk and build up to something a little more than just walking on a treadmill for thirty minutes. In my plodding way, we started adding time to the walk. By plodding, I mean only adding a little bit of time to the walk. We decided to add one minute to the walk. In the course of a little over a month, we went from a thirty minute walk to an hour walk. This was done by adding just one minute a day. That may sound like a piddling little amount to add to the walk but it sounds easier than it is. It’s not the last minute that is so hard, it is the fifty nine minutes that come at the start. After a few months we were walking the 60 minutes per morning. That was all good but we needed to add more. One day we heard about a Fun Run. The run was a 5K. That’s about three miles. Like fools we signed up. We kept up our training and at last the big day came. I keep referring to this as a 5K run. Now remember I’m an old guy that plods along. I wasn’t planning on breaking any kind of record or being interviewed by a sports show. I just went to the Fun/Run to get in the race. You shouldn’t be surprised that I was dead last. The good part was all I had to do was walk. All the other walkers were ahead of me. The runners were finishing before I got to half way. It took me so long to finish, the generator that powered the fan that inflated the finish line inflatable gate ran out of gas. At least some of the race organizers held the finish line up so I could walk under it. Without a doubt I was the slowest out there. On the other side of that, I passed everyone that stayed on the couch. That’s the good part I finished. Check that square, mark that done pick out a new project. Now I’ve got to pick out another plodding secret project that I can do by adding some little something to it every day. Four months ago I had no idea that I would get into something like this. Now It’s on to the next thing. You know it’s time to get started. It is important to get started because that time is flying. It is hard to believe that this adventure started so long ago. Remember, A year from now you will wish you had started today.


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