Pizza microwave

Who doesn’t like pizza? It’s a great food. It looks like the food triangle. It tastes great. You can put all sorts of extras on it. You can eat it any time of the day. Pizza even tastes good when it is cold. It is almost a perfect food. What to do about that cold pizza though? I had a friend who claimed he stayed in upscale hotels when he traveled. If his room didn’t have a microwave in it, there was a hair dryer he could use to heat up the pizza the next morning. One of his friends started carrying his own portable microwave to heat up popcorn. Then he found out how much faster a microwave heated up the pizza compared to a hair dryer. He bought a bigger van to haul his full-size microwave. That brings us to the problem of the microwave. It only heats up things. That is great if you want something heated. What about cooling things off? I had pizza this weekend. The next morning there was cold pizza in the refrigerator. There was no problem. A quick trip to the microwave, and the pizza was hot and ready to eat. What goes great with pizza? A cold Coke or Pepsi tastes great. There was just one problem. The soda wasn’t cold. Of course, you can put it in an iced glassed. Wouldn’t it be better if you had something that you could put a warm soda in and have it cooled off in just a little while? You know, a microwave in reverse. Maybe I just got carried away with the thought of being able to chill a drink in a few seconds. Someone recently told me about their cooler keeping cold things cold and keeping hot things hot. You know that story, too. “How does it know?” Why is it called a cooler and not some other name like Insulated temperature maintaining device? Well, we’ve been cooking with microwave ovens for a long time. We’ve never even come up with something like a cold microwave. I guess the ice machine is still the best option.  Another friend was planning for the last football game of the season. He thought the cold microwave would be a good idea just in case he couldn’t have ice. There probably wouldn’t be much chance of him running out of ice and having to resort to a cold microwave. He has his own ice machine installed in his house. He also has several large coolers (there’s that word again) filled with ice, and he has been provisioning his pantry with beer for the big game. He only has one contingency plan left to consider. He has an extra car lined up in case the pizza shop can’t deliver to him on game day. He even has other pizza lined up for cooking right there in his house. He doesn’t take any chances. He has an extra oven for heating up the pizza, and of course, he has that standby that every house needs, a microwave.


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