Mayoral Election

Nelson calls for protest hearing to be thrown out


In a memorandum from Shaun C. Kent, attorney for Julia Nelson, Kent and Nelson asked for the protest hearing to be thrown out. They claimed, within this memorandum, that Cooper had no ground to stand on. Seeing as "The contest notice submitted by Samuels-Cooper failed to provide a factual basis," and that it "does not satisfy the statutory requirements to challenge the results of a Municipal Election. 

This comes after Samuels-Cooper, with attorney Eleazer Carter, contested to the final election results for the City of Manning Mayoral election.

Submitted with the memorandum, Kent and Nelson included the original handwritten contest from Carter and Samuels-Cooper. It reads as follows:

"We hereby challenge the election result base on failure to properly count the absentee votes and to maintain a daily talley of the absentee vote."

The entire memorandum, as well as Samuels-Coopers note, can be read in the pictures above. 


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