Message from Manning Police Department

Hopefully by this point, everyone is prepared or making last minute preparations for Hurricane Dorian. While we may not take a direct hit, we will still see heavy bands of rain ( heavy at times) and some strong wind. Please do not take this storm or any storm lightly. It’s always better to plan for the worst and pray for the best rather than be underprepared or not prepared at all. If law enforcement has to block roads, please do not  go around any barricades. This applies to everyone. Barricades are there for a reason and we want everyone safe. If anyone has an emergency, please continue to call 911.

While we understand many want to get out and ride, looking at damages, etc., it’s best to stay off the highways during the storm unless it’s absolutely necessary to get out and drive. Please, by all means, do not go around any downed power lines. If we happen to loose power, please do not interrupt the power crews that may come into the area to restore power. They will be trying their best to get everyone’s power back on. Arguing with them, or telling them how to do their jobs will hinder them from doing just that and getting power restored as soon as possible. We’re sure they also want it restored as soon as possible as they too have families who they want to get back to. Many of these crews have been away from home for many days to ensure they’re ready to respond to power outages. Let’s be sure and show our hospitality. Everyone, please be patient with all emergency personnel, street crews and power crews. Be safe.


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