Letter: Driver stunned by lack of caring while stranded on US 301

Monday morning, Nov. 27, I was a little surprised at the lack of concern for a fellow motorist. I stood beside my daughters' car with a flat tire (on U.S. 301) and watched person after person drive by. Many people were just texting or on their phones! But I made eye contact with some people, and they didn't think twice about a woman standing in the cold. I even recognized some people, but I won't call you out. I watched trucks with more than one person in (them). There were people in service trucks, people that work at the nearby farm that didn't give me a second thought. Vehicles for local businesses drove past. The only person who stopped was my niece. And, yes, I am going to mention the two law enforcement vehicles that passed by. I understand that times have changed, but really, if some of you had looked up from your phone or cared what you were looking at (sic). I cannot tell you how many times we have stopped or at least called for help. I guess if you or a family member were beside the road in 35-degree weather, it would be OK for everyone to pass by. Well, note taken. I hope you all (got) where you were going safely. Thanks for nothing. P.S. You had better be glad I'm not naming names! JANENE SURETTE Manning


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