Letter Children’s camp seeking help for much needed items

Greetings. Camp Happy Days is just around the corner and will be here before you know it. We still have a number of items needed to make this camp a success for the children ages 4-16 who are either dealing with cancer or have survived cancer, and their siblings. We have a wish list of items needed, items which will be essential to all of our amazing programs we have planned for the first week of July. Items needed include 150 cases of 8-ounce bottled water, with 48 per case; 30 bottles of SPF 15 or higher sunscreen; 30 HP 60 tri-color ink cartridges for an F4440 printer; four bottles of Drano; two cases of 4.25-ounce Solo drinking cups or cones; two gallons of indoor use insecticide; four cans of commercial-grade wasp-hornet spray; 20 bottles of hand sanitizer; 10 packs of paper towels; five one-gallon bottles of bleach; 10 two-gallon buckets; and 40 outdoor walkie talkies. Thirty rolls of duct tape; 50 umbrellas; 30 rolls of clear packing tape; 250 flashlights; 100 ponchos; 100 cases of drinks (Capri Suns, Gatorade, apple juice); 20 cases of liquid hand soap; 10 cases of large trash bags; 10 stand-up dust pans with handles; 10 regular brooms; five volley balls; 500 sheets of poster board; 30 thick black sharpies; 30 bag chairs; 30 packs of AA batteries; 30 packs of AAA batteries; 10 packs of C batteries; 10 packs of D batteries. A variety of rub-on tattoos (patriotic, science, cartoons, western, animals, sports), enough for 160 kids for seven days; two cans of spray paint per color (red, yellow, blue, green, sky blue, hot pink, white, orange, black, grey, aqua); 200 sheets of 5-by-7-inch matte or glossy photo paper; 20 packs or boxes of freeze pops; and 50 packs of candy (variety). Two-hundred dowel sticks; a roll of heavy paper for covering tables; 40-50 frames; stickers; 20 two-liter plastic bottles; 20 plastic alligators small enough to fit in bottles; five rolls of masking tape; three bottles of super glue; two packs of white paper for water colors; one thing of modge podge glue; five rolled jute strings; three rolled strings; four packs of square alphabet beads with no vowels; permanent markers; hemp string; rubber bands; poster paper; stretchy string; tacky glue; and elmer glue sticks. Fifty dresses for girls sizes 10-16; 25-30 bottles of nail polish; four bottles of nail polish remover; 50 dresses for juniors sizes 0 to 2; and 10 dresses for ladies sizes 20-28. Fabric; stuffing material; stick pins with colored heads; white thread; black thread; red thread; navy thread; one green paint; four yellow paints; two black paints; two orange paints; three blue paints; three magenta paints; one glitter gold paint; one neon green paint; four white paints; four rolls of masking tape; one roll of packaging tape; three pink erasers; 12 adhesive plastic floor coverings for Admin building; six non-adhesive plastic floor coverings for Admin building; one large pack of 50-100 paper towels. Four E-Z Up white tens; duct tape; clear packing tape; 100 white poster boars; white Christmas lights; blue Christmas lights; 30 bag chairs; plastic spoons; any Fourth of July decorations; 20 inflatable beach balls; and beach towels. If you do not have time to purchase items, you may donate at www.camphappydays.org/donate.html. Any amount, large or small, will help. If you decide to donate items, please email Elizabeth@camphappydays.com so we may cross those items off. Items may be dropped off at The Manning Times, 230 E. Boyce St. in Manning, or call Bill Ellis at (803) 460-7666. CINDY HAY JOHNSON Director, Camp Happy Days


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