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Laurence Manning lacrosse update


At a home game on Apr. 25, the Swampcats finished the regular season 10-9 with a win on Senior night. LMA found themselves trailing 4-2 at the end of the 1st quarter, but the offense in the 2nd allowed them to tie the game at half time 5-5.  After some adjustments at the break the offense went into high gear scoring 7 goals in the 3rd quarter, while the defense stifled Camden’s offense allowing only 1 goal in the second half.   The offensive performance was led by Reid Moore with 4 goals, Coleman Elmore chipped in 5 goals and Jordan Ives had 2 goals and 3 assists.  Jackson Timmons dominated at the face off winning 9 of 11 attempts.  The stifling defense was led by Tristen White, Nik Ambroggio and Hunter Arrants. Ethan Hyde had 7 saves in goal. 

Final score: Camde Military - 6, Laurence Manning - 13.

At an away game in Charleston on Apr. 18, the Swampcats started slow and had 6 offensive turnovers in the first quarter, allowing Porter Gaud to take an early 5-0 lead.  The offense fought back in the second half scoring 5 goals but could not make up for the hole they were in after the 1st half.   Jordan Ives and Hunter Stanfield led the offense with 3 goals each, while Aaron Nivens had 2 assists.  Noah Tucker had 3 takeaways and Nik Ambroggio, Gavin Brown and Tristen White stepped up their defense play in the 2nd half.  Ethan Hyde had 17 saves in goal for the Swampcats.

Final score: Porter Gaud - 13, Laurence Manning - 6.