Lakevue Landing is an environmentally friendly marina

Local marina Lakevue Landing, located on Camp Shelor Road, became more environmentally friendly on June 13. As a small marina on Lake Marion, Lakevue Landing offers a fueling station for area boaters starting between 7 and 7:30 a.m. on weekdays and 6 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday mornings. When personal boat owners stop by to fuel their boats, a problem often arises. Small amounts of fuel or oil are dripped into the water, which can harm fish and other water wildlife and disrupt the ecosystem of the lake. Both boaters and the marina can be fined for minor spills. However, detergents and dispersing agents only make the problem worse and can carry even heavier fines. Dwayne “Hammer” Moore, owner of Hammer’s Haz Mats, has a solution. With more than 32 years of experience in the boating business, he’s dealt with oil and gas issues for most of his adult life. “It’s all I’ve ever done,” said Moore. Five years ago, Hammer’s Haz Mats began representing a product line manufactured by Huesker, a 150-year-old German company. According to Huesker’s website, “Tektoseal Active AS is a mechanically reinforced oil absorption agent that reliably binds petrochemical products.” The material wicks oil-based products out of the water in the event of a spill. “All it’s got to do is touch this material, and it’s going to pull it until it gets it all up,” said Moore. Moore and his team wrapped the end of the dock where the fuel station is located. They coated the dock, the pump box and the pylons on both sides, and dropped the material three feet down into the water on one side. The recyclable geosynthetic material is environmentally friendly. Water continuously flows through the material while it absorbs the contaminants. Once the gas or oil has been absorbed, it can only be removed by wringing the material. “Each square yard of the matting will hold a gallon and a half of 20-weight motor oil,” said Forrest E. Cronia, former Vice President and General Manager for Huesker Geocomposites. With the volume of material installed at Lakevue Landing, it would take nearly 100 gallons of gas and oil to soak it completely. “The nice thing about the product is we can adapt the middle layer,” said Robert Creel, a product manger for SoilTain & Incomat at Huesker. “The two layers of non-woven is the black fabric you see. Then the middle layer is a melt-blown absorbent material for hydrocarbons, but we can change that out depending on what we’re dealing with, whether it’s PCBs, arsenic, heavy metal contamination or radioactive waste. We have seven different lines we manufacture in this product category.” Hammer’s Haz Mats offers the product in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. Moore loves the water, and he wants to ensure boating fun doesn’t come at the cost of our water’s healthy ecosystem. “It’s very important for a marina to have something in place,” said Moore. “Lakevue is currently the only marina on Lake Marion with this product.” To learn more about the product or to receive a quote, contact Hammer’s Haz Mats at (843) 615-7485.


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