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Kent Law gives back


On Thursday, Nov. 16, Kent Law Firm gave five hundred turkeys to members of the Clarendon County community. The turkeys were USDA turkeys between ten and sixteen pounds. To receive the free turkey, people were to go to Kent Law Instagram page and post their names under the Instagram video that Attorney Shaun Kent posted about the turkey giveaway.

Associate Jack Furse, who works for Kent Law, headed up the give away. “For me, Manning and Clarendon County is where I was raised, this is home to me, this is my community. The people of the community treat myself and our firm extremely well and we have had a lot of success here and we felt that it was time to give back and give back to the people who have helped us so much and with it being the holidays it really feels great to help a family have a good Thanksgiving and that is why we did it, just to help the people that we care about.”

The event was a success. “It was a huge success. Everyone that I spoke to was just incredibly grateful, not just for the turkey itself, but to have businesses in the community actually care about the community and we do, we care about the community. That is one of the great things about a small community, people care about each other. Everyone was just very thankful for our gesture and that makes us feel good.”

Furse wanted to extend his own gratitude to those who helped them make the turkey giveaway possible. “We want to thank the Clarendon County Sheriff’s office for donating the traffic cones and sending multiple officers out throughout the day to make sure the flow of traffic was smooth. I also want to thank our staff. This was actually a huge undertaking. The turkeys were delivered the day before, and we had to keep them frozen overnight in rented coolers. We then hand bagged each individual turkey. Special thank you to Summer, Debbie, Alicia, Hardy and certainly Shaun. 500 turkeys on paper may not seem like a lot but the logistics of it, beyond the cost, was quite substantial. Organizing the pick up itself was a task, but it all went smoothly and we are thankful that we were able to give back a little bit.”

The pick up for the turkeys was a drive-thru style at Kent Law Firm, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.