Is traveling good for your health?

When people are stressed out, they are advised to get some rest and relaxation. Often, this relaxation comes in the form of a travel vacation. While some may argue that a trip may not exactly always be a restful experience, they are almost always relaxing. People always come back feeling better after a vacation. This is not just an illusion. Here is a look at five ways that travel is good for your health. 1. Travel Can Boost Your Immune System When you travel to foreign lands, your body is exposed to all kinds of new microorganisms. When your immune system fights off these invaders, it creates new antibodies that make it stronger. Each new land you visit will increase your exposure to bacteria, turning your immune system into a superhero if you spend long periods of time on the road. 2. Travel Lowers Your Stress Levels Stress is one of the greatest enemies of good health. Stress increases your risk for serious health conditions like cancer and heart disease. Fortunately, travel is like a magic elixir that washes away your stress in a sea of bliss. Not only do your stress levels go down when you travel, but they stay lower for weeks after you come back from vacation. A regular trip is just what the doctor ordered to keep stress at bay in this hectic world. 3. Travel Keeps You Fitter If you are someone who loves to travel, the chances are that you will embrace some form of fitness to help you keep going on long trips. Most people will walk much more when they are traveling than they do during their daily routines at home. Life on the road is full of activity and motion, and people who love to travel usually have some kind of fitness interest they will pursue during their journeys. Some people even take trips specifically to pursue fitness activities like surfing, running and mountain biking. 4. You'll Be Happier One of the major keys to being healthy is simply being happy. When you are happy, your stress levels are lower and you are more likely to take better care of yourself. Think about people who have just returned from a trip. They are always smiling and full of excitement about their journeys. When you travel regularly, you will provide yourself mood-boosting adventures that will make you happier and healthier. 5. You Could Live Longer Believe it or not, people who take regular vacations have a longer life expectancy than those who don't. Your trips don't have to be across the world either. Even people who simply regularly travel to other areas of their states have longer life expectancies than those who sit home every weekend. As you can see, travel is an essential element of a healthy lifestyle. The next time you are feeling like your health needs a boost, start searching for plane tickets to a destination on your bucket list. Regular travel adventures are just the ticket to enjoy a lifetime of good health. - Courtesy of Newsmax


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