School News

Ground breaking ceremony marks the start of new Walker Gamble Elementary School


Today marked a significant milestone for the Clarendon County School District with the groundbreaking ceremony of the new Walker Gamble Elementary School, scheduled to open for the 2025 school year. The event celebrated the beginning of construction for a facility designed to foster innovative and state-of-the-art learning experiences for students.

The project, which secured $42 million in funding thanks to pivotal support from Senator Kevin Johnson and former Representative Kimberly Johnson, ensures that the new school will be built without financial impact on local taxpayers. Their efforts in the Senate and House were crucial in obtaining the necessary backing for this transformative educational project.

Dr. Shawn Johnson, Superintendent of the Clarendon County School District, spoke at the ceremony about the future of education in the community. “We are embarking on a journey to provide our students with an innovative learning environment where they can truly thrive. This new school will not only enhance student learning but will also revolutionize the way our teachers educate, aligning with 21st-century learning standards,” said Dr. Johnson.

Senator Kevin L. Johnson also addressed the attendees, sharing the backstory of his commitment to the project which was sparked by a visit to a recreational basketball game at the old Walker Gamble Elementary. Moved by the aging infrastructure, he advocated strongly for the need for a new building. “The learning is not the issue here because this is a National Award Winning School. It is the physical edifice that needs to be restored and I am so glad that we are here today to mark the start of this new, state of the art learning environment for our students,” Senator Johnson emphasized.

The new Walker Gamble Elementary stands as a symbol of progress for Clarendon County, representing a future where educational facilities reflect the exceptional accomplishments of its students and teachers. Poised to become a community cornerstone, the school will maintain the loving, family-oriented atmosphere that the Walker and Gamble families originally fostered, while being fully equipped to meet both current and future educational needs.