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On May 29th, an officer with Manning City Police Department was patrolling the area of Pocotaligo Nature Walk. The officer observed a vehicle parked with its lights off and a male subject in the passenger seat lying back.

The officer approached the vehicle with his spotlights on and noticed a female subject’s head pop up from below the steering wheel. At this moment, the female subject turned the vehicle on and proceeded to exit Pocotaligo Nature Walk. The officer followed behind the vehicle and initiated a traffic stop on a black Toyota Camry with South Carolina tags (25505W) on Sumter Highway and Hill Street.

The officer made a driver-side approach, making contact with the driver. The driver was advised of the reason for the traffic stop and asked for her license and vehicle information. The driver identified herself as Misty Hall, 51, and stated she did not have her license with her because she left her wallet at her mother’s residence. Hall said she was waiting for a family member to bring her wallet.

The officer also made contact with the passenger, who identified himself at the time as James Judge. The officer advised both parties he would return after checking the vehicle and license information.

The officer advised dispatch to run warrants and license checks for both Misty Hall and James Judge. Dispatch confirmed that Hall was clear but Judge could not be found.

The officer returned and made contact back with Judge and asked if he had a middle name or a South Carolina ID. Judge stated he did but he goes by June Judge as well. The officer advised dispatch of the name June Judge, and dispatch advised that there was no match found with that name as well.

At this moment, the officer asked Judge to step out of the vehicle and walk to the rear of the vehicle. Judge was advised that none of the names he provided came back and asked if he was hiding anything. Judge then stated he also goes by Junior but they use Jun for short. The officer once again advised dispatch to run a license and warrant check for a Junior Judge, and dispatch stated no match was found.

Judge was then asked if there was anything on his person such as weapons or drugs. Judge stated no and the officer performed a Terry Frisk on Judge for any weapons or drugs. Judge consented and during the Terry Frisk, the officer noticed Judge’s wallet in his back left pocket. The officer asked Judge if his wallet was in his back pocket and Judge reached back, took his wallet out and opened it. The officer observed a South Carolina ID Inside the wallet and asked Judge to pass the ID.

The officer then discovered that Judge was giving a false name and goes by Alvin Gordon, Jr. The officer detained Gordon and asked if there was anything inside the vehicle such as drugs or weapons. Gordon said no.

The officer made contact with Hall again, asking for consent to search the vehicle. Hall consented and the officer requested an additional officer for a vehicle search. During the search, officers removed a pink purse from the center console and recovered three syringes containing brownish-red liquid inside the purse. Hall was then detained and officers continued the search, recovering two rolled blunts containing a green leaf-like substance from the purse. Officers also discovered more syringes throughout the vehicle and recovered one syringe from the center console containing a clear liquid. Hall stated it was for Gordon’s diabetes and he takes insulin. Officers also recovered a bottle of Burnette Vodka from the passenger seat floorboard, which Gordon claimed to belong to him.

Officers read both Gordon and Hall their Miranda Rights and asked them separately what was inside the syringes and whom it belonged to. They made contact with Mr. Gordon first, who stated that he did not know what was inside the syringes but he would take the charges for everything. Gordon also stated that he does not have diabetes and is not on insulin. They also made contact with Hall and asked her what was inside the syringes. Hall stated that it could be water inside the syringe that she tried to clean to reuse and restated that they were Gordon’s insulin.

Both Gordon and Hall were arrested and officers requested the next tow truck on rotation to pick up the vehicle. Officers transported Hall to the Clarendon County Detention Center to be booked for Simple Possession of Marijuana and Possession of Meth. Gordon was booked for Simple Possession of Marijuana, Open Container, and False Information.