Clarendon County percentages from Nov. 4 General Election

It was mostly straight Democrat in Clarendon County during Tuesday's general election, which is no surprise for one of the bluer counties in the region. About 71 percent of those voting chose a straight ticket for the Democrats, and 27 percent chose for the Republicans. The other parties had less than 1 percent, with the American Party coming close at .95 percent. Total write-in votes are noted here, but names are not part of official totals. Interestingly, someone voted for Jeffrey Black for 3rd Circuit Solicitor. In the one local partisan race, Rep. Robert Ridgeway easily won re-election with 74 percent of the vote to Republican challenger Robert McFadden's 26 percent. In the one local non-partisan race - Clarendon District 1 School Board - Keith Bowman received 27.32 percent of the vote, while incumbent Tony Junious received 26.75 percent and Cindy Risher received 20.72 percent. John Bonaparte, who declined re-election initially before mounting a write-in campaign, received 6.4 percent of the vote. James Parson received 18.82 percent of the vote. For the governor's race, Vincent Sheheen won Clarendon County with 55.38 percent of the vote to Gov. Nikki Haley's 43.22 percent. The other three candidates had less than half of 1 percent of the vote. For lieutenant governor, Bakari Sellers won 55.41 percent of the vote, and Lt. Gov.-elect Henry McMaster took 44.52 percent. There were seven write-in votes for this race. Ginny Deeran got 55.39 percent of the vote for Secretary of State, while Mark Hammond received 44.60 percent. There was one write-in for this race. Curtis Loftis received 99 percent of the vote for state Treasurer, as the only candidate running. There were 51 write-in votes. In the Attorney General's race Parnell Diggs took 55.10 percent of the vote to incumbent Alan Wilson's 44.67 percent. Kyle Herbert took 54.83 percent of the vote for Comptroller General to incumbent Richard Eckstrom's 45.13 percent of the vote. Tom Thompson took 54.60 percent of the vote for State Superintendent of Education, with Molly Spearman taking 43.60 percent and Ed Murray taking 1.76 percent. Bob Livingston was the only candidate for adjutant general, receiving 99.26 percent of the vote. There were 39 write-in votes for the office. Hugh E. Weathers was the only Republican to win his race in Clarendon County, receiving 74.49 percent of the vote for Commissioner of Agriculture. David Edmond followed with 15.23 percent, and Emile DeFelice received 7.15 percent. There were eight write-in votes for the office. In the U.S. Senate race, Lindsey Graham received 42.09 percent of the vote, while Brad Hutto received 53.10 percent as a Democrat and 1.56 percent as a Working Family candidate. Thomas Ravenel received 2.28 percent for his petition campaign. Victor Kocher received less than 1 percent of the vote. There were seven write-ins. In the other U.S. Senate Race, Tim Scott received 45.67 percent of the vote to Joyce Dickerson's 53.34 percent. In the U.S. House of Representatives District 6 race, incumbent James Clyburn received 57.99 percent of the vote, while Anthony Culler received 40.16 percent and Kevin R. Umbaugh received 1.57 percent. There were 27 write-ins. In the House District 101 race, Cezar McKnight received 34.91 percent of the vote to Al Smith's 65.19. The rest were uncontested races, with Solicitor Chip Finney receiving 93.30 percent of the vote with 55 write-in candidates; Clarendon County Auditor Patricia Pringle receiving 99.19 percent of the vote with 66 write-in candidates; Clarendon County Treasurer Matt Evans receiving 99.55 percent of the vote with 37 write-in votes; Clarendon County Councilman Billy Richardson receiving 99.30 percent of the vote with 17 write-in candidates; Clarendon County Councilman A.C. English receiving 99.45 percent of the vote with 23 write-ins; and Clarendon County Councilman Benton Blakely receiving 98.73 percent of the vote with 18 write-ins. For the Soil and Water Conservation District, there were two open seats meaning David Richburg and Kevin Ross were both elected as the only two candidates. Richburg received 60.82 votes, while Ross received 38.78. There were 32 write-ins. Back to the state level, Yes votes for Amendment 1 - allowing raffles for fundraising - came out at 79.66 percent, while No votes were 20.34 percent. For Amendment 2 - allowing the governor to appoint adjutant general starting after this election cycle - yes votes were 53.58 percent and no votes were 46.42 percent.


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