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Where's Matteo? Part One


Matteo is a 7-month-old, German Shephard who loves to play with his sister, Minka, in his down time. His favorite treats are Pupperoni Meat Sticks and he unwinds from a long day of training by getting a good rub down and brushing from his handler, Scott Danback. Right now, Matteo weighs in at a whopping 90 lbs., but when he is fully grown he will weigh closer to 120 lbs. Matteo resides in Alcolu and is currently training to be- come nationally certified to work for Clarendon County Sheriff ’s Department as a Therapy K9. You might see him around the county as he keeps record of his service hours. If you do, snap a pic and send it to The Manning Times at: mtsceditor@gmail. com. Come with us as we discover more about these amazing dogs who do so much to serve our commu- nity!

For the next few weeks, The Manning Times will be running a special series on Clarendon County Sheriff ’s Department’s Patrol and Ser- vice Dogs. We will explain the training process for each K9 and handler, as well as how they serve our community. One K9 is in training now, and we will follow him on his journey to becoming nationally certified as a Therapy K9. Keep a look out for places you might see Matteo during his training in our county!

Check in next week to see who our K9 of the week will be!


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