Town of Turbeville elects first ever African American Councilman


Albert Mobley was elected to the Turbeville Town Council on November 2nd, 2021. Mobley is the town of Turbeville’s first African American council member. Residents of Turbeville, South Carolina, voted, and the results for the winners of two council seats were announced the same night.

“It felt good, it was unreal, and I’m so glad it happened,” Mobley said of learning he had been elected to town council after the polls closed.

Mobley was also the first African American on the Turbeville rescue squad and the second African American firefighter.

“It feels great. “I just want to be a voice for the people so they can come to me and hopefully we can make some things happen,” Mobley said when asked how it feels to be the first African-American to make history in Turbeville for all three achievements.

Mobley previously ran for council in 2015 but was not elected at that time. He ran again this year 2021, making history.

Mobley ran for the council seat to be a voice for the people of the community and to be available to all members of the community.

“I saw there were two openings and my mind just said it’s your time to do it, and I put my name down,” Mobley explained of his decision to run again.

Mobley is originally from the Turbeville area. He moved away from his hometown twenty years ago and worked as a state trooper during that time. After time, Mobley returned to his hometown of Turbeville. Mobley is married to his wife Tammy Mobley and has five children along with four grandchildren.

Mobley enjoys the Turbeville community because everyone knows everyone else and it is a close and friendly community.

Mobley’s plans and goals are to be available to all people and to use his position and voice to impact changes in the community that Turbeville residents have recommended.

There are currently a total of four council members, including Mobley, who will be sworn into the council on November 9th, 2021. The town council meetings in Turbeville will begin in January 2022.


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