Town of Summerton meeting agenda for August 9


Tuesday, August 9, 2022 | 6:00 PM.      Summerton Town Hall                                           10 Main Street, Summerton, South Carolina 29148

1. Call to Order - Mayor Tony Junious

2. Invocation - Councilman Ritchie Way

3. Pledge of Allegiance

4. Approval of Agenda

5. Approval of Previous Minutes
A. Council Meeting July 12, 2022

C. Special Called Meeting July 19, 2022 D. Special Called Meeting July 29, 2022

6. Old Business
A. 2nd and Final Reading Amending the Travel Expense Policy
B. 2nd and Final Reading Ordinance Establishing Requirements for the Attendance of Member of Town Council at Regular Monthly Meetings of the Town Council
C. Discussion of Wassau Park Policy
D. DHEC Requirement Services for 25 Fire Hydrants– Town of Summerton, Letter of Extension

7. New Business
A. Request for Services and Donation by Summerton Duckfest—Mrs. Christina Darby & Mr. Ed
B. Presentation of Hometown Grant with MASC— Mrs. Amanda & Mr. Cedric
C. Presentation on Information of SCIIP Grant— Santee Lynches
D. Discussion of purchasing 3 Water Meters for the Schools—Mrs. Amanda
E. Discussion of Swearing-in of Code Enforcement Officer for Zoning Department matters— Mr. Robin Fowler & Mrs. Allison McDowell
F. Discussion of Installation of water meters at Goat Island, Sigfield, Gin Pond, Haynesworth and Town of Summerton.
G.1st Reading to Amend Method and Notices of Elections, Chapter II, Article II Municipal Elections, Sec. 2.203 in the Town of Summerton Code of Ordinances.                                                 H. Acceptance of the Letter of Resignation of a Councilmember.

8. Public Participation as related to the Agenda or by request

9. Town Manager Report
A. Amanda Salka, Town Manager

  1. Council & Mayor Report

    A. Council Members

    B. Mayor Junious

  2. Executive Session
    A. Discussion of employment, appointment, compensation, promotion, demotion, discipline, or release of an employee, a student, or a person regulated by a public body or the appointment of a person to a public body. Section 30-4-70 (A)(1).                B. Discussion of negotiations incident to proposed contractual arrangements, discussions of a proposed sale or purchase of property, receipt of legal advise, settlement of legal claims or discussions of the public agency’s position in adversary situations, discussion about development of security personnel or devices. Section 30-4-70 (A)(2)

  3. Upon returning to open session, Council may take action on matters in executive session.

  4. Adjourn

**Public Participation forms are available should you have any questions regarding agenda items. This will allow ample time to address any concerns or questions you may have. We asked that questions are communicated with clarity, organization, eloquence and professional decorum.**