The Great Escape


We have developed some great relationships after joining a local church a few years back. Then we dove in a little deeper and joined one of the Small Groups within the church. That's a place you can indeed bond with other couples of similar interests.

John and I love playing cards, and my sister taught us a new form of Canasta called Hand, Foot, and Elbow. It didn't take long for us to master the original game and wanted to teach it to our friends. One couple took to it, and we play on the average of once a week.

This one particular morning, I was working in my office, and John was fiddling with something in his shop. I heard a racket in our living room. At first, I thought it was John until I heard him sawing something. I got up and walked into the living room, took a quick look around, and all was quiet. So, I went back to work. Minutes later, I heard another wrestling sound that seemed to be back in the living room. But we hear a lot of unusual noises with all the varmints that reside around us.

We had made arrangements to play cards with our friends that day. They had a little white dog they always brought with them. You need to know that we did not have a dog, but we were raising a wild rabbit on our front screened-in porch. At one point, while we were playing, the little dog noticed the rabbit move, and he made a mad dash for the sliding glass doors. He proceeded to bark at the rabbit, so I thought it best to get up, go over to the doors and pull the blinds shut so he couldn't see it.

That's when all hell broke loose. When I pulled at the blinds to shut them, a squirrel jumped from top of the shades to a tall chest, then down to the floor. He ran toward the table where all the others were setting. The little dog barking in pursuit, under the table and all three of the players jumped up into their seats, not knowing what was fixing to run up their legs. Fortunately, the little squirrel turned and ran toward my office. I followed behind and shut him in. John went around the house into the garage to get to the other office door. When he opened the door to the office, the little varmint dashed out and on into the yard. It all happened so fast; no one knew what was going on.

That little fellow had been in the house all day. I could not for the life of me figure out how or when he had gotten in until I sat down across from our fireplace. That's when I noticed the black ashes all around the brickwork. Poor thing, he had fallen down the chimney that morning, then escaped and managed to find a high place to hide all day. I don't know which one of us was the most relieved at his departure.


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