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Taw Caw Park in Summerton completes major renovations to boardwalk and piers


Taw Caw Park in Summerton has undergone extensive renovations, addressing much-needed repairs to its aging infrastructure, according to Paul McCulloch, Director of Clarendon County Parks and Recreation.

The project, funded by the recreation department’s budget, focused on overhauling the two fishing piers and the extensive boardwalk, originally constructed in the late 1970s to early 1980s. “The boardwalk and piers had reached the end of their useful life after nearly 45 years,” said McCulloch. “We needed to address the wear and tear from storms and falling trees.”

The renovation, which cost approximately $28,000, included replacing decking boards, rails, and other critical components. The work, completed by Unlimited Enterprises of Turbeville, utilized local contractors exclusively. “All quotes we received were from Clarendon County companies,” McCulloch added.

In addition to the boardwalk repairs, there are plans to upgrade the playground area, pending the approval of a Parks and Recreation Development (PARD) grant. “We’re still working on quotes and aren’t quite ready to start yet,” McCulloch noted.

The renovations are expected to enhance the park’s appeal, which is frequently used by local schools such as Harvest Community School for nature walks. While picnic shelters at Taw Caw Park, JC Britton Park, and Walker-Gamble Park are available for rent at $50 per day, the summer heat has limited bookings. However, the spring and fall seasons remain busy with rentals, averaging a couple hundred annually.

Despite the improvements, littering remains an issue, particularly from fishermen. “We have trash cans throughout the park and our team checks them multiple times a week,” McCulloch explained. “If litter becomes a problem, residents should call us for additional clean-up.”

The park’s renovations are complete, and new picnic tables have been added near the playground shelter, ensuring the area is ready for visitors.

For more information on park rentals and upcoming projects, visit the Clarendon County Parks and Recreation website at clarendoncountygov.org/parks-recreation or their Facebook page. You can also call the office at 803-473-3543.