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Sliders slide into another championship season


In 2005, over eighteen years ago, Deondre Wilbon felt the need to give back to the youth of Clarendon County despite not yet being a parent himself. 

He said, “I started off helping another coach out and she turned in the bag and it was just me. I was only going to do it one year but I fell in love with coaching. It is something that I can not wait for each year.”

During his coaching career, Wilbon has coached a team to win three championships. The team won one in 2023, 2022, and in 2015. He has always coached The Sliders, a girls softball team for Clarendon County Recreation Department ages eight to ten years old.

Wilbon said, “I try to teach the girls to always be open to learning since they are really just starting out with my age group. As they progress I want them to always be learning and doing their best.”

When asked about his furute with coaching, Wilbon said, “I enjoy doing what I do and hope to be able to do it for another eighteen more years. If you are thinking about volunteering to coach, I encourage you to make the call and sign up. You will not regret it.”

This year is the first year Wilbon will be coaching his own daughter as she is now old enough to participate.

Sign up starts in mid February for anyone wanting to play or volunteer to coach. Practices start in March and the regular season is from March until May. For more information, call the Clarendon County Recreation Department at 803-473-3543.