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Scott's Branch secures homecoming win


Generations of Eagles nested to watch the homecoming parade, as well as tailgate for the festivities on and off the field. The school celebrated spirit week in exemplary fashion. Students enjoyed a pep rally at the Branch on Thursday,  followed by a bonfire Thursday evening. They gave the Wolverine Jersey (filled with straw) a proper burial all in light-hearted good fun.      Everybody and their grandmother attends the Homecoming Parade in downtown Summerton. The parade itself did not disappoint, as this year’s parade was one of the longest parades on record, with participation of over 65 groups and individuals from as far away as Calhoun County. This parade and game was observed by so many dignitaries from our great state. Attendees included Representative Kimberly Johnson and FE DeBose Director Ms. Lisa Justice, as well as Ms. Kathleen Gibson. They all lined the parade route in downtown Summerton. The capstone of festivities is the football game, however.

The weather was a balmy 73 degrees.  The Wolverines appeared ready to squash the hopes of the homecoming crowd at Spann Stadium in beautiful Summer ton, SC.  Coaching phenom Randall State spoke about the game.          He said, “The eagles came determined to win homecoming against county rivals, the East Clarendon Wolverines.  Tyler Kind, a 12th grader, began with a 55-yard touchdown return which put the Eagles on the board first.” 

In the NFL, when a player intercepts the ball, it is referred to as a “pick 6.”  On the next East Clarendon possession, another senior, Randy J. Gibson, hit the lottery with a pick 6.  Not the massive billion-dollar Powerball lottery. Randy had the right combination of athleticism, speed, and focus  for a pick six interception.  The Eagles put 18 points on the board from East Clarendon turn overs. Going into the second half, the Eagles had 18.  

The Eagles came out of the second half and maintained their edge, holding onto the 18-14 lead as they approached the 4th quarter.  

Coach State said, “Our players played as a team and fought hard to get a win for homecoming. We will be heading into the playoffs first round versus Baptist Hill. This is why we play the game to get to the playoffs and back into contending for a lower state title.”  

Player highlights included Tyler “Blaze” Kind with 3 touchdowns. 1 rushing, 1 receiving, and 1 passing. Randy “RJ” Gibson finished with 1 receiving touchdown, 8 crucial tackles, and 2 fumble recoveries. 

Final score Eagles 24, Wolverines 14. 


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