Salinas runs for Senate at SC Girls State

Last week upcoming senior Jessica Salinas  from Manning High School made waves and great accomplishments at SC GIRLS STATE. Jessica ran for a Senate position and her platform was diversity Salinas says, “I believe that diversity can always be used to our advantage and our county has such a diverse group but the truth of the matter is that minorities aren’t always well represented. At my school, Manning High School, as Student Body President I made sure every person was represented in some way, shape or form and as a result we had the most diverse group of students involved than every before. Everyone deserved to be seen, to be heard, and most importantly to have equal opportunities for success. If you vote me I can make a very simple promise and that is to represent every one, and never putting my personal judgment above your voice.” Salinas was elected as nominee but she unfortunately did not receive the position. Jessica says it was still a great experience for her and she is honored to have been a nominee. Manning High School is extremely proud of her.  


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